5 Jewellery Trends You Can’t Miss In 2020

2020 jewellery is made to impress, with statement pieces continuing as a common thread from 2019. Year by year, jewellery seems to acquire more and more attention, becoming the star of a whole outfit. From the glamorous catwalks to everyday life, eyes are captured by big sizes, geometric pieces, mixed metals, and colourful gemstones. Jewellery in 2020 reinvents some jewellery classics such as pearls and coloured gemstones, and brings back the extra sizes inspired by the ‘80s.

At Augustine Jewels we identified the 5 jewellery trends you can’t miss in 2020, discover them below.


Extra Long Geometric Earrings

The number one trend in 2020 is super long geometric earrings. No problem if they nearly touch your shoulders – the extreme length simply adds to the ‘wow’ effect! Long earrings may be adorned with colourful gemstones or geometric patterns, or laden with intertwining chains. Add a daring twist to your outfits with a pair of long earrings, balanced with a simpler outfit – ideal for evenings and special occasions.

Extra Long Geometric Earrings, 2020 Collection, Augustine Jewels


Hoop Earrings In All Sizes

Hoops are the perfect item to mix and match as they are highly versatile and work magic both in gold and silver. This year hoops are trendy in all sizes, from elegant small ones to more casual chunky pieces. Designs in 2020 will go beyond plain hoops, adding playful charms for an unusual look, or sparkly diamonds to give a sophisticated flair.

9ct Yellow Gold and Diamond Hoops, Diamond Collection, Augustine Jewels


Reinvented Pearl Jewellery

Pearls continue to be a big trend in 2020, with ways of wearing them continuing to be reinvented – as charms, hair pieces, or statement rings, or simply fresh twists on simple pieces like pearl stud earrings, to bring this classic stone into the new decade. In an era where sustainability is paramount, many people decide to take pearls that have been handed down from previous generations and use them to create bespoke jewellery, personally designed to their taste.

Double Pearl Silver Ring, Pearl Collection, Augustine Jewels


Chains & Texture

The chain pattern will be widely used by many designers for long necklaces, bracelets and rings. Chunky chain links may be intertwined with light ones to create unusual texture combinations, with some links being adorned with diamonds or incorporating the trend of mixed metals for a unique look.

Gold Plated Silver Long Chain, Egyptian Collection, Augustine Jewels


Colourful Jewellery

A burst of colour will accompany you throughout Spring and Summer 2020 with colourful gemstones in all cuts and colours. Big earrings, drop necklaces and statement rings will all showcase multi coloured stones, allowing the wearer to express themselves with their chosen colours. Creativity is key – innovative twists on the trend of layering jewellery, and contrasting colours within the same design, look to be on the horizon in 2020.

Green Amethyst Silver Drop Earrings, South of France Collection, Augustine Jewels

If you need a beautiful piece of jewellery specially designed for you, we would recommend you get in touch with Augustine Jewels via Almost Essential.  We would like to thank Cristina at Augstine Jewels for taking the time to share these trends and insights with us.