AE Essential Oils Guru’s tips of the month


The sun is out and it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Make DoTerra Terrashield part of your outdoor routine. Going on a picnic or just sitting on the lawn for pre Wimbledon drinks? Get some terrashield in a small spray bottle with water and mist your blanket, chairs, hat and picnic basket to repel unwanted visitors. “I also like to spray my dog so she comes back pest free from frolics in high grass.”


Slim and Sassy is a metabolic blend which is particularly well suited to massage oil blends for a relaxing, full-body massage. It can also be used in conjunction with Zendocrine.
The oils in Slim and Sassy are absorbed through the skin directly into the blood stream, by-passing the digestive tract and may have a stronger detoxification effect on the liver.
Ginger is a driver oil, bringing the phyto constituents of other oils to target organ systems. Cinnamon has a wonderful blood sugar balancing effect while citrus oils are antibacterial. Mix 20 drops of it in the coconut oil and use as a body oil. “I think putting it on skin is a wonderful idea and a great way to absorb it directly into the bloodstream for hormone balancing. As I said I can’t stand the taste of it, but I do use in on my skin massaging it in or putting it on the bottom of my feet before going to bed. ”

“My massage therapist nearly gets as relaxed as I do and when she re enters the room after the massage as I’m leaving, she breathes deeply and smiles and tells me how she looks forward to my visits because they smell great and leave her in a better state of mind than when she started. You can imagine the effect that it has on me, covered in the oils.”


Breathe is going to open up the airways
if you want to stay awake use something like Orange with it
if you want to address infection it’s oregano
If you want to get warm, add cinnamon and ginger to it
you can also apply a single drop of breathe inside a blocked nostril to open the airway

Ravintsara oil – stress and emotional wellbeing!
Ravensara – stress, nasal congestion
Lemon peel to bring you back in focus
Peppermint – calming, refreshing
Laurel – bronchodilator, expectorant
Melaleuca – antiseptic / bronchodilator
Eucalyptus – bronchodilator and gives it that ‘spa’ smell
Cardamom – warming, soothing, calming, bronchodilator

“I use just ONE drop in a cup of boiled water and just breathe that in, it is SO strong you only need one drop. I don’t like it in the humidifier, it is not strong enough to do anything but perfume the air.
Another trick I use is put a drop on a cloth in a hot shower so you can steam in it while you get clean and warm up”

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