Almost Essential Art Advisor’s Look At The Works of Marcus Lyon

We’d like to thank art advisor Julia Campbell Carter, who has shared with us this profile of the fine-art photographer Marcus Lyon. For those who are looking to acquire art, Julia has a proven track record as an art consultant, acquiring pieces that increase in value and has a particular interest in new and emerging artists. Today she shares with us the background to one of her favourite fine-art photographers.

Marcus Lyon (b.1965) is a fine-art photographer and social entrepreneur known for his large-scale landscapes exploring our global mass behaviours. His practice explores the Anthropocene through huge, multi-layered compositions that are not only aesthetically powerful but also challenge our roles in the modern world. His work is held across the globe from the Smithsonian in DC to the Getty in LA and the Arts Council Collection in the UK.

Exodus III

Lyon’s Exodus, BRIC’s, Timeout and Fuel series delve into many of the key themes of our time: migration, urbanization, consumption and pose deep questions about our choices as a society in the 21st Century. He has also spent significant creative capital on exploring the intersection of science and art with commissions and collaborations with AstraZeneca and Kings College exploring the emotional space that scientists inhabit in the modern research laboratory.

Optogenome I

Beyond his gallery and exhibition work Lyon has been committed to social change since his early twenties and has served as chair and director on numerous third and arts sector boards including the Somerset House Trust and Leader’s Quest. In the last decade by combining these two streams of activity, the arts and leadership, he has built a significant social impact art initiative through his Human Atlas work researching and creating dynamic books and exhibitions that explore a nominated group of social change agents through portraits, soundscapes and DNA mapping.

Timeout II

Lyon’s highly sought after large-scale archival prints come in Collectors Editions of 7 and Museum Editions of 3. All work comes with bespoke framing and is produced by his studio in central London. He is currently working on projects in California with the Institute of Contemporary Art in San Jose and the Getty in LA.

It is great fun and very interesting working with Julia; She has introduced me to incredible artists, which has given me a new zest of life and put me back into art collecting mood. Using her expertise, experience and knowledge she will locate, negotiate and purchase art on your behalf and meet your requirements of taste, image and budget. If you like to contact her about art consultancy services, please do so via her profile on Almost Essential.