At Home with Viscountess Michelle de Biolley

Whether you are a part-time or full-time homemaker you always need a few tricks up your sleeve to help with the tasks at hand which can, at times, feel overwhelming and monotonous. As a lady wearing this hat I am speaking from honest experience.
A few years into homemaking I myself realised that whilst the tasks can be repetitive, there is a certain comfort in the routine they bring. There is a great joy to be found in the simple things in life and a tidy, organised home is no exception.
With that in mind it is lovely to connect with like-minded people who share the same values and wish to create a beautiful, sustainable and chic home. Viscountess Michelle de Biolley is such a person.
I want to start by saying I don’t know how Michelle manages to do it all! Founder of one-stop shop Almost Essential, Michelle curates an “Inner Circle” guide to an extensive range of professional services (London based only). She also offers through her online shop a unique selection of special and hard to find gifts from a hand picked selection of trusted and recommended suppliers.
“I am here to help smooth out the wrinkles in your busy life and lighten the load that comes with looking after your well being, maintaining a home, organising a family running a business and making sure you have the perfect gift for every occasion” Viscountess Michelle de Biolley
This week I am delighted and honoured to share with a glimpse into Michelle’s life; what inspires and delights her, and in turn I hope this will inspire and delight you.

Describe your personal design style in 3 words?
Eclectic and cosy with a twist of tradition

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