Contessina London

Contessina London is a bespoke brand of beautiful jewellery.

Founded by designer Clara Poulantza, it has an Athens and London based design team to create its high quality products for the modern woman with unique tastes in fashion.

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The My Precious Lace collection is a tribute to fine artisan lace-making techniques much appreciated in Europe since the 1400’s.
These delicate earrings are light and durable, making them perfect for any woman who wants jewellery that can be worn everyday without being weighed down or compromise beauty with chunkiness.

A unique and timeless collection, the pieces in this chic line are handcrafted with care.

Each piece is understated yet elegant for an effortlessly stylish look that will take you from day to night.
Handcrafted in the finest silk, silver, gold and bronze metallic threads, natural gems and freshwater pearls, creating a collection that is understated, elegant and unique.

Beautiful addition to your festive season outfit or to a loved ones Christmas stocking.


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