Dreamy Pastel Gemstones.

Have you noticed that the calmest moments in nature are often painted with pastel colours? Think of the rosy pinks and pale oranges of a sky at sunset, imagine baby blue water rolling onto a sandy beach or even the chocolate, vanilla and strawberry hues of a Neapolitan ice-cream. Gorgeous, untroubled pastel colours. These pastels charm us into a state of dreamy calm – this is exactly why gemstones in pastel hues are so attractive, pastel gemstones like Pink Sapphire, Citrine and Aquamarine.

Pink Sapphire is a gentler alternative to the Royal or Cornflower Blue Sapphires. Mined in Thailand, ranging from Barbie to baby pink, the Pink Sapphire is veiled in a mystery of magical legend. Citrine, a name hailing from the French “citron”, ranges from lemon yellow to a more autumnal, golden orange.

Citrine is said to radiate positive energy earning it the title “success stone” The tranquil shades of Citrine reach for the spectrum of sunshine yellows. Aquamarine, the March birthstone named for the blue of the sea is said to quicken the intellect. Aquamarine’s subtle blue mimics both sea and sky at their calmest moments.

Just like a sparkling diamond or a row of lustrous pearls, pastel coloured gemstones will always be a classic addition to an elegant wardrobe.