Family Holiday Tea at JGM Gallery with Barbara Nicholls

The British contemporary artist Barbara Nicholls who’s work is showcased as part of JGM Gallery current exhibition ‘Earthworks,’ curated by gallery director Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi and artist Juan Bolivar.
Juan writes the following about Barbara’s work in the essay to accompany the exhibition.

“Nicholls, whose recent practice’s central concern is the manifestation of pools of colour in the form of monumental watercolours, works primarily with paper laid on her studio floor, and on which she creates an ecosystem of water, pigment and colour; controlling and guiding drying cycles so that a sedimentary accumulation of colour occurs in overlapping and blending layers of paint. Working in her Peak District studio and extended residencies in Germany, Nicholls’ investigations have also led her to Australia in New South Wales. Here she made works in response to a residency in Mungo National Park, where her new works were informed by accounts of the filtering process of water carried out by Aboriginal communities, consisting of a series of interconnected circles dug in the ground through which water is filtered with the aid of a screen mesh of natural fibres.”

It would be lovely if you could join me, Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, the gallery owner, and Barbara Nicholls who will introduce us to her work. Bring your children; Since it is holiday time and you might wonder what to do with your children, Barbara loves to share her art stories with our little ones or even bigger ones.

JGM Gallery
24 Howie Street
London SW11 4AY
T: +44 (0) 207 228 6027

Tea and Meet the Artist: 3rd April 2019-2.30-5pm