Fitness Roadmap Out Of Lockdown

With spring round the corner and a change of wardrobe in sight, we need feel great in our clothes.  These toning exercises should take care of it.

Our personal trainer Michael from Brigopt is sharing four exercises on the video below that target the arms and legs which makes it perfect if you’re wearing a dress, going sleeveless or opting for a skirt.

All you need is a pair a dumbbells, let’s begin! Click here to buy them if you don’t have any, those are the ones I bought and I love them!

Exercise 1. Lunge hold with triceps kickback
Perform 30 seconds each side.

Exercise 2. Squats with arm curls

Exercise 3. Hip lifts with triceps presses

Exercise 4. Squat hold with arm curls

Using a timer Michael recommends the Gymboss app which seamlessly switches between activity and rest time zones.
Perform 60 seconds of activity followed by 20 seconds of rest for each exercise.
Repeat the circuit twice.

Give these exercises a go to tone the arms and shape the body and if you’re looking for something different or simply need the accountability of a personal trainer contact Michael here on Almost Essential.
He provides one-to-one personal training sessions at your home, outdoors locally or connect virtually with zoom, for more information and to book a complimentary taster session click here.

Watch the video here