How to care for your linen-The foolproof guide by Mila London

Do you find yourself wincing at the thought of all the washing when laying your table for a party? Follow co-founder Rosy’s simple steps below and you’ll no longer find yourself hesitating when deciding to use your linens even for the smallest of occasions.


It’s important to do a quick inspection of your linens before washing them as a simple pre-treatment can avoid stains from being sealed into the material.
To remove stains from linens, spray the area with Shout, Vanish or, if you can find it, Biotex spray (please tell us where!).
If you think it might be a particularly stubborn stain – such as curry, chocolate, tomato sauce, etc – gently work a little Fairy Liquid into the area too.
Once the linen has been pre-treated, put it on a delicate machine wash at 30 degrees. Using a non-bio powder or liquid will help prevent any designs fading.

TOP TIP: Watch out for candle wax! I find I am able to remove all stains from linens except coloured candle wax. I try to use non-drip candles which are mostly successful but I still find the odd pesky drip finds its way onto my linens!



Wash using a high spin
If you have a dryer, put the linen in for 5 minutes only to help smooth out
Hang out until almost dry
Iron whilst a little damp
TOP TIP: Do not add softener. RESULT: Lovely crisp linen!


Add a generous amount of softener to your wash, I use Comfort
Wash using a high spin
If you have a dryer, put the linen in for 5 minutes only to help smooth out
As you hang to dry, run your thumb and finger pinching along the edges to smooth them
If necessary to increase the softness, put back in the dryer for 5 minutes when they are almost dry

TOP TIP: If the linen feels too crisp it is because it needed more softener or another few minutes in the dryer. I am anti tumble dryers hence the 5 mins only, here and there! RESULT: Super soft crinkled linen.

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