How To Create An Urban Garden

3 pieces of advice to help you create your own urban sanctuary.

Most Londoners lack expansive landscaped gardens and green space, but in these particular times, the appeal in creating a blossoming urban garden has surely never been greater. Whether you have a small patio space to work with or something more modest, there are area few simple ways you can spruce up what your space.

Plant Wisely
All plants need love and attention, but some more than others. Before picking out the best-looking plants, think about how much maintenance each one will require in order to ensure it survives and thrives in your urban retreat. If you’re short of time, then hiring someone to regularly maintain your garden also solves this problem.

Plant Pots
Pots are an essential feature of any urban garden. Decorative, portable, easy to manage, easy to replace and coming in all different, designs, shapes and sizes. The secret to displaying pots in your garden is proportion and variety. The biggest pots can dwarf small spaces, just as a tiny plant pot looks out of place in a corner by itself. Composing a collection of different ceramics can go a long way in adding personality to your space.

Plant Upwards
In order to make the most of a small garden space, use plant stands, ladders and green walls to layer plants vertically. Such features help to create privacy from nosy neighbours, as well as hiding ugly fences and walls – particularly in small patio and courtyard areas you may have access too.


Looking for some help and inspiration?

If you’re at a loss and need some inspiration for how to completely transform your space, then why not speak one of our recommended landscape designers; Richard or Marie-Christine, who are both veterans of the gardening world. Whether you have a small or large project in mind, both will be happy to talk to you. Similarly if what you require is less garden design and landscaping, and more help maintaining the garden, then why not speak to Cally, who will help with your every gardening need.