How To Find The Perfect Gift?

Gift giving is tricky business and unless you’re always switched on and thinking ahead of time, it’s often the case inspiration never strikes when you want it to. Here are three questions I often ask members of my inner circle, when helping them to find the perfect gifts for friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Step one: What are they interested in and what defines who they are?

You want to give something that really speaks to who they are as a person, so take a few minutes and make a long list of all their interests and then match each interest to a gift idea.

Step two: What is their style?

Are they a quirky personality, fun or serious? How does this reflect in what they like and wear? What jewellery or clothes do they wear already have? Asking all these questions can help you find the perfect gift and a little PI work can go a long way. Speak to a mutual good friend who may have some insight. Have they been talking about updating their look or an event they will be attending? If they, for example, love fashion accessories or love something unique this would be a great gift option.

Step three: What do they need?

With the days and nights starting to get a little cooler consider a gift that would be appreciated as we head into winter. An example would be this excellently made alpaca blanket which is sustainably sourced, easy on the environment and hypoallergenic.

Nonetheless, it can be quite tricky when the person you want to buy for seems to have everything. Everybody needs something, it can just take a little digging or expert help to find what out what it is.

Still not sure what to gift someone special in your life? Join my inner circle for expert gift advice.