Making The ‘Back to School’ Blues a Breeze

Do you remember packing school bags for the first time and sending your children off to their first day at school? They seemed far too little to be venturing out into the big wide world, and yet here they are today perhaps preparing for their final year in school or the next school transition.

In addition to the essential organisation and planning which goes hand-in-hand with going back to school come the inevitable stresses – both for us parents and our children.

Is your child doing their GCSEs this year? Are they going to a new school? Are they in their final year and need to start considering university requirements?

Yes, it’s certainly a lot to think about.

However, I am a firm believer in talking to experts in their field to prevent wasted time, frustration and anxiety. To this end, I would like to suggest tried and trusted education specialists who will be able to assist you and your child to navigate the back-to-school minefield and flourish in the years ahead.

London School Advice
Headed up by Laura Pigorini, London School Advice is a small team of professionals who genuinely care about the families that they work with.

The business grew from Laura’s own experience in finding the right schools for her own three children; wading through league tables, brochures, websites and countless opinions from past and present parents. It can be a daunting task to find the right place for your child where you can rest safe in the knowledge that they will be happy in an environment where they can thrive.

For each family, Laura’s team will hand-pick a specialist who is relevant to your child and your chosen educational pursuit and who will work alongside your family at every step of the process.

“Each of them carries extensive knowledge and experience having worked as headteachers, teachers, housemasters, heads of academics, governors, school advisors and educational psychologists, with an accumulated experience of more than 40 years of academics and vast parental experience as well.”

Tutor Agency
It can be hard watching our child struggle with certain subjects or become simply weighed down by the sheer volume of work that they must get through.

Of course, we want to give our children the very best start, which likely means that you will be on the lookout for a tutor. But not just any tutor.I can personally recommend Lucy and her team of over 200 highly experienced and carefully screened tutors. Lucy herself comes from an academic family and understands exactly what our children need in a practical, real-world sense. They regularly arrange English and Mathematics bootcamps headed up by their most experienced tutor, which has proven invaluable to students of all ages.

“I have been consistently impressed by the quality of OC’s tutors whom I have used for years. They offer tuition up to A level and IB level. My recent experience with hiring an Economics teacher to help my son to go through his IB curriculum vitae was truly peerless. He really put my son back on track, including motivating him to do well.”

University Application Assistance

Oxbridge University Experts
It’s understandable that entry into the prestigious halls of Cambridge and Oxford is going to require more than a little effort.

Oxbridge Applications was founded in 1999 and assists parents and students with a complicated and competitive application process. Their all-inclusive package includes unlimited access to the allocated tutor, unparalleled one to one preparation and mentoring and the residential 2 days full immersion prep course.

UK Universities Application Experts & Education Consultants
Will Orr-Ewing and Ed Richardson are a very professional and friendly team of experienced education consultants and UK university advisors.

Their modular approach allows students to focus on the areas in which they require specific assistance; from deciphering the requirements of UK’s elite universities to writing personal statements, and everything in between.

The Complete US University Advisory Service
Of course, should our children want to study in the US then we may feel a little overwhelmed by the options, application process, and requirements of a different country. Thankfully, we can benefit from the services of The Complete US University Advisory Service.

Ed and his team have been specialising in guiding international students through the complex US university examination application process for over ten years. Ed’s first-hand experience and extensive knowledge of the UK and US educational systems enables them to provide a fully customised plan for every student.

In addition, I can recommend Susie, a US national with an excellent knowledge of the US university requirements, an impressive track record and she is a highly qualified US universities advisor.

A Stable of Experts
I know how difficult it can be to juggle the demands of our own busy lives while ensuring that we are making the best decisions for our children’s future.

If this is a concern for you, please feel free to contact me directly for assistance and I will be happy to point you in the direction of the best professional service providers in the field of education.