Need To Know: Essential oils to lift your life by Olivia Falcon


It’s usually around this time of year that I crash and burn. I am not just talking about succumbing to a heavy cold, I’m talking proper comatose kind of exhaustion. A total wipe out. This year however I have a secret weapon in my bedroom, the doTERRA essential oil diffuser, which rather fittingly emits a soothing celestial white light and a steady stream of vapour which you can scent with your preferred elixir and there are lots to choose from. My absolute must have, is the On Guard Protective Blend, a deeply comforting and Christmassy mix of cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus and orange oils that is said to boost immune function, lift ones mood, (the energizing aroma has had me bouncing out of bed even on the greyest morning) and help support the respiratory system. So far, despite the fact that the kids and I boycotted the flu jab this year, there’s not been so much as a snivel in my house. On Guard’s strong anti bacterial effect also makes it a welcome alternative to some of the more chemical household cleaners, I’ve been sprinkling a few drops when I’m wiping down my kitchen surfaces, which feels a lot more wholesome that dousing the place in Dettol.

DoTERRA also have other surprises, as a beauty editor I’m lucky enough to be sent all the latest anti-ageing lotions and potions and while I usually end up favouring the more hardcore, results driven cosmeceutical formulas and doctor brands, my head has been turned by the infinitely sniffable Immortelle anti-ageing blend. A holistic mix of Frankincense, Hawaiian sandalwood lavender, lavender and Helichrysum flower it comes in a serum version for gently plumping up fine lines around the eyes and mouth or in a rollerball of concentrated oils which gently dabbed on spots or blemishes works better at taking down redness and calming eruptions than any super powered mainstream brand I have tried. I also trialed it on my rosacea, which flared up a few nights back, after one to many glasses of red wine with miraculous effects; the next morning all telltale evidence of over indulgence were gone. It’s seriously impressive stuff.

So this year rather than sending out Panatones, chocolates or the ubiquitous candle that often winds up in a guest loo gathering dust, I’m gifting these zesty, life-enhancing oils to get everyone through the marathon that is Christmas.


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