Need to Know: Flab fighting with a juice fast by Olivia Falcon

screen-shot-2015-11-23-at-16-52-10cleanse_rainbow-800x800I wish I had the steely-resolve of one of those iconic, iron ladies: I’m talking about someone like Jackie Onassis, you know, the type of woman who firmly passed on the bread basket, said NO to pasta and stayed away from sugary cocktails in favour of just a couple of fingers of Gin with Slimline tonic.

Not being very good at saying no in general, I have paid the price of a self-indulgent summer. Yup, it was me who ate the kids leftover apple crumble for breakfast. Unsurprisingly, I’ve got an Elvis style bloat going on and I urgently need to deflate the paunch. In my experience, nothing works faster to put me into a more positive state of mind and resets healthy eating habits than a juice cleanse.

Now I know recently, juice cleanses have not had a good rap. They have been called faddy, counterproductive, (claims that fasting for long periods puts body into starvation mode, slowing the metabolism) and even dangerous, (apparently a lack of protein impairs ones ability to build healthy immune cells and regenerate muscle after a workout) but having first hand experience of sipping my way through a great many juice cleanses, I have felt and seen real benefits.


My go to people are the team at Purearth, ( who deliver a delicious selection of balanced cold-pressed, organic juices direct to your door. There are endless combinations to choose from – my favourite re-set is the Rainbow Cleanse, £65. As the name suggest it’s a kaleidoscopic collection of colourful drinks. Their trick is to go vegetable heavy and add just a touch of fruit or spice to make their drinks supremely palatable, for example earthy beets are mixed with lime and ginger, the green juice contains celery, spinach, kale, chard and parsley infused with pear and apple. They also balance things up with a daily nut mylk (try the Golden Mylk with turmeric) to boost one’s protein intake – and Kefir tonics (an enzyme-rich drink filled with friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria, Vitamins, calcium and magnesium along with amino acids and enzymes) that is a must if you’ve been on antibiotics or just want to boost a sluggish digestive system.

Unlike other juice cleanses I’ve tried, this mix always works for me and I never feel hungry. Purearth are also incredibly thorough. The home delivery packs come with herbal teas, an alkalizing green super food powder to add to your water, detoxing Himalayan bath crystals and easy to follow nutritional advice about how to eat before and after your detox so you don’t yo-yo straight back into unhealthy ways.

Like most things I would say the key to a successful juice cleanse is moderation. Don’t overdo it. I usually go with 3-4 days programme and reap the benefits. As I write this, my tummy is no longer spilling over the top of my jeans, the whites of my eyes look brighter and I just feel so much brighter and better in my own skin.


CLICK HERE to order your cleansing programme and enter the code almost essential to get free delivery on the rainbow, alkaline and medicinal cleansing programme.

If in doubt on which programme to choose call Angelina on 07875263101…She is there 24/7 for you. Enjoy!


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