Need To Know– How to supe up your summer beauty regime.

Are you summer body ready? Nope me neither. The extent of how underprepared I am this year, (I’m still eating Easter eggs for breakfast), was highlighted this week when rising temperatures found me in my garden, a skimpy sundress and flip flops highlighting a hundred problems from neglected, cracked heels to dry shins and rather unfetching Rudolph red nose that glowed brighter by the minute as the sun beat down.
Time for a summer beauty overhaul, I haven’t got weeks to train at the gym and I’m sure you don’t either. We need results fast, so I’ve done some reconnaissance work to reveal the most effective new quick fixes to make your summer more carefree.

Addressing the aforementioned hobbit feet, SVR Xerial peel £17, are clever sock masks that are impregnated with high concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids that work to effectively slough off rough skin, corns and calluses in just one go. Yes really, your feet will be transformed. Moving onwards and upwards I’ve taken a leaf out of Caribbean Queen Rhianna’s book and purchased a bottle of her very excellent Fenty Body Lava £46. Rubbed on legs, arms and décolletés, it is deeply hydrating and has a subtle shimmer with the merest hint of tint that brings sexy back to pastey grey skin. There is a reason there were queues around the block of Harvey Nichols for months, this brand is not just for millennials, check it out.

I’m off on one of the longest haul journeys of my life soon to Hawaii and although super exited, I am slightly dreading the plane bloat that will ensue but I think I may have found a solution for this. I’ve recently been testing Perricone MD Travel Aid £22.50, multivitamin capsules that are said to improve immunity and boost circulation over long periods of sitting ( I tested this over a particularly sedentary week, grounded at my desk with a marathon work load). Containing an anti-inflammatory blend of therapeutic organic mushroom extracts and whole food nutrients such as Lychee extract, the theory is you should touchdown feeling a lot less sluggish and indeed I noticed I felt lighter and generally less of a sloth.

You don’t need to be jet setting to reap the benefits of Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Masque £42 it contains super nourishing vitamins, ceramides and antioxdidents to take the tiredness out of stressed, parched skin. For skin brightening, I am also loving, leading South Korean Cosmetutical brand It’s Skin Power Vitamin C Formula Sheet. £8 They have a full range of different sheet masks to choose from but this one is nothing short of miraculous red nose/red face rescue and really delivers brighter skin. The PR people also tell me one is sold every seven seconds globally, so there’s some major international endorsement for you.

And finally as it’s officially now summer, a word on sunscreen. As someone who takes a vampiric approach to sunbathing, I am always on the case for the next best formula and in my opinion I would say all the big companies have yet to beat Dr Rita Rakus brilliant Protect SPF50 £37, it melts into skin like a dream, sits brilliantly under make-up and smells subtly fresh, making one look and feel pulled together whilst those around are seriously sweating it.

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