November To Do list for US Uni applications

Application season for US Uni is in full swing, and our Year 13 students are currently submitting their Early Applications to their top choice US universities. Next up is the UC (California) system which has its own application with a November 30th deadline. Good luck to all our SAT Subject Test takers on their upcoming November 4thexams! If you have any questions, our expert tutors and advisors here at A-List are always happy to help out.

Year 13 students applying Regular Decision (January deadlines) must be sure to balance any remaining exam preparation with their applications and essays. Check out our Common Application Workshop, run by our wonderful Advisor, BG Tucker. You’ll be able to finish the entire application in one sitting on Sunday, 3rd December, so be sure to sign up now!

Year 12 students should consider our December SAT and ACT Bootcamps. They feature 25+ hours of tuition, 2 fully proctored practice exams, and a review of our entire Book of Knowledge curriculum. Taking place from the 17-21 December, it is the perfect way to round out the year!

Building up your extracurricular activities is extremely important for applications to US universities, and a FireTech course is the perfect way to do it, if you’re interested in technology! Allowing you to create original work through technology platforms, FireTech encourages innovation and creativity to fuel your application. If you’re curious about attending the best U.S. boarding schools then consider attending the TSAO event.

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