Plan the Perfect Festive Dinner Party

Are you eager to put the humdrum of the past year behind you and celebrate the magic of the festive season with a Christmas dinner party? Given that this is the time of year when we will most gladly gather if we can, you are in good company. What it also means is that you should most likely start planning and preparing from this point on. You don’t want to be overwhelmed, leave things to the last minute, and end up forgetting those special little luxury touches that have the potential to elevate any event, big or small, to something amore spectacular.

Let our Festive Dinner Planning Guide help you host the perfect Christmas dinner party, without the stress and frustration that usually comes along with such a momentous task.

Prepare your Plan

Perhaps the most important step when it comes to any event is knowing the scope of what needs to be achieved. That’s why we suggest starting with a list of the big picture ideas and tasks that need to be decided on, prepared for, and purchased in order to host an unforgettable dinner party.

Notably, your big picture list will include:

  • Selecting a date. You might find that early to mid December will help you avoid schedule conflicts.
  • Deciding on a location. Decide if you want to throw your party at home or rent a space.
  • Settling on a theme. Set the tone for your decorations, menu, invites, and luxury touches.
  • Breaking down your tasks. Know what you need to accomplish.
  • Preparing your timeline. Once you know what you need to accomplish, you can prioritise what to complete by when.

You might find that these few suggestions alone are rather daunting, which is why it’s best to consider my Unique Concierge Services. At Almost Essential we rely on unparalleled access to luxury options and are dedicated to going beyond the call of duty to provide discrete and dedicated concierge services.

Shape the Atmosphere

Shake off the drab festive season of last year and shape your Christmas dinner into an unforgettable experience by paying attention to the little details. Design your dinner by selecting the right finishes, including bespoke invitations, flower arrangements, table settings, linens, candles, and other little nods to the merriment of the season.

Our comprehensive list of trusted vendors can help you source everything you need, from vintage tableware rentals to the perfect gifts for your guests. If all else fails, we can even refer you to skilled event planners that will shoulder the reposnsibility of bringing your dinner event to its final and perfect conclusion.

A glimpse of our entertaining services:

Special Occasions Call for Extraordinary Food 

Regardless of whether your festive gathering is on the larger side or an intimate, formal affair, your menu is a crucial part of your dinner. You might be planning on setting and preparing the menu yourself, in which case, this helpful timeline will give you a good idea of how to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Your Christmas Dinner Party Timeline:

  • Plan your menu of appetizers, mains, sides, desserts, and drinks.
  • Create your shopping list of perishables to be bought just a few days ahead of the dinner date and non-perishables you can purchase well in advance.
  • Decide what can be prepared and frozen ahead of time and what needs to be baked or cooked on the day.
  • Prepare your list of what you will cook on the day of your dinner and in what order you will do so.

Of course, you may decide that a catering service is more suitable to your needs. Thankfully, Almost Essential has a slew of skilled chefs and wine experts who are dedicated to creating wonderful food and recommending and sourcing carefully selected, delicious wines. Depending on what you require, my carefully selected network of chefs and wine experts can help you design your menu, produce dishes with a twist, and buy/cellar wines.

Set the scene will an array of wonderful products through Almost Essential from personalised luxuriously soft linen napkins, glassware, colour coordinated placemats or even fluorescent placemats and candles for something truly unique.

Don’t forget that this is the time of year when you can add pops of the extraordinary to your event. As the saying goes, if not now, then when? So, why not treat yourself to caviar? Among my curated list of luxury services and treats, you’ll find a traditional, yet delicious and well-priced caviar dealer who is sure to recommend precisely what you need to bring a dash of something decadent.

Plan a Little Flair

Why not add in a little flourish to your Christmas party? There’s nothing wrong with a festive round of karaoke, but this is also an opportunity to fill the air with the musical stylings of a professional pianist and singer. Consider hiring a highly talented and sought after musician to perform any style you wish and utterly transform the atmosphere from the moment your guests enter to the last hurrah as they depart.

You may even want to indulge in a spot of fanfare and if that’s the case, we highly recommend exploring the world of musical fireworks with choreographed displays set to a bespoke soundtrack to create that extra layer of magic. Imagine how amazing it will be to feature unique firework displays like no other.

The last little touch is the parting gift you bestow upon your guests as they leave the dinner party. I have carefully selected a range of hostess gifts which you can shop here and are sure to provide you with that last piece of the perfect dinner party puzzle. In fact, all the London services and independent luxury brands that you can book or buy directly from this website come from Michelle’s painstakingly curated list. A list that is sure to save you time and money and has been tried and tested to ensure that everything recommended is priced fairly. You will even discover a few exclusive discounts that have been negotiated for Almost Essential followers.

While planning the perfect festive dinner party can come with its trifles and challenges, we trust that this guide has helped smooth out any wrinkles and inspired you to put your best foot forward.