Practice Your Photography In The Most Photogenic Regions On Earth

Bolivia and Peru undoubtedly offer some of the most remarkable and breathtaking vistas to photograph anywhere in the world. It’s why next May and June, Almost Essential and Conde Nast Travel Specialist, Marisol is organising two photographic expeditions to these awe-inspiring lands that you can join.

Whether you’re a budding amateur photographer, or simply an individual who for a long time has fancied an adventure in South America, Almost Essential can assure you these are opportunities not to be missed.

Both of the scheduled expeditions will be led by the respected photographer Max Milligan, who has previously worked documentaries for National Geographic and the BBC.

The Salt Flats of Uyuni

Speaking on the first of the expeditions, departing to Bolivia next May, Marisol told us;

“As part of a small group, travelers will adventure deep into some of the most photogenic territory on earth. Discovering the surreal rock-formations and endless pearl blue skies of Bolivia’s Dali Desert. They’ll be opportunities to photograph flamingos, llamas and vicunas amidst a backdrop of ancient volcanos and colourful lagoons. The itinerary is designed to take travelers in to Bolivia’s rarely visited regions, where they’ll learn to take better photography in unbelievable locations including the Salt flats of Uyuni .”

If that description doesn’t stoke the wanderlust inside you, then perhaps a journey to the sacred valley of the Incas’ departing two weeks later does. On this itinerary Marisol tells us;

Max, who has lived in the Cusco region of Peru for almost 20 years and whose Times Top 10 book ‘Realm of the Incas’ is a classic on Peru, will lead a series of intimate photographic-workshops in some of the most dramatic and iconic areas around the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Throughout, he’ll run workshops on a range of disciplines from landscape, wildlife and portrait photography ti capturing high speed hummingbirds and the depth of an Andean night.  It will be a truly rare opportunity to learn directly from Max, whilst getting off-the-beaten track to discover the real lives of rural people, hidden ruins, food and culture of Peru.

Both expeditions will be for a maximum of 12 participants, who will stay in some of the most remarkable hotels and accommodation in the world. The Bolivia expedition departs on 11th May 2020 and returns on the 17th May, whilst the dates for the Peru itinerary are between 30th May and 7th June 2020.

Marisol and her team are the leading experts for designing unique travel experiences in Peru, Bolivia and the Galapagos islands. The full itineraries for these photographic workshops are available online and can be requested from their profile page on Almost Essential.