Reshape and Revitalise with Remodelage

Thanks to the excellent Remodelage technique, gaining and maintaining a slim and trim shape has become just that little bit simpler.

As we all know only too well the upcoming festive period often finds us indulging a tad more than usual. In celebratory months, the even best of us may break our cardinal rules, such as eating slowly and moderately.

But all is not lost.

Martine de Richeville, who created her signature body reshaping Remodelage technique twenty years ago, has personally trained up a team of practitioners. One of those prestigious people is none other than her son, Julien, who along with his team, are here in London.

While there are some elements of this technique that can be practised at home, it helps enormously to have experienced a professional Remodelage massage. This will provide an idea of how it feels to reach further than skin deep.

“Use your knuckles to press down with light, circular movements to help encourage your circulation and digestion,” advises Martine.

Let’s explore the incredible beauty benefits of Remodelage a little further.

The Beauty Benefits of Remodelage
The Remodelage technique is said to be the only cellulite massage that really works.

Perhaps that has a lot to do with the fact that human hands do the job rather than a machine. Martine and her team understand what lies in the layers beneath our skin and intuitively, they feel and detect where exactly where work is needed.

No machine can do that.

Manually manipulating and massaging problem layers of cellulite and fat, the Remodelage technique ‘tells’ it what to do with itself. In effect. the technique releases stored and stuck fatty cells back into the digestive system which eliminates them. Fat is actually made up of toxins and water that swell up into fat cells. As that is massaged away, our bodies are beautifully reshaped.

Fat blocks circulation, so the technique manually nudges that fat out of the way. We all store fat in different ways, but excess fat is never beneficial. The reason the Remodelage technique works is because Martine and her trained professionals understand how the body stores memories in the connective tissues of the body.

Certain areas reflect certain experiences.

The reason the technique revitalizes us is that it releases trapped emotional baggage too. The technique reacts with our metabolism, the lymph and elimination system, strengthens the immune system and resistance to stress.

That explains why one feels strangely lighter and more invigorated after a Remodelage treatment.

Are you ‘Dinner Party’ Ready?
The traditional December celebrations season, which ends with crossing over into the New Year, is always challenging for our bodies.

This season may represent the end of what might have been a busy and stressful time for us – and perhaps it shows in our face and body!

Being party-ready will help us transition into the swing of things and set us up to enjoy the festivities.

A couple of Remodelage sessions will make all the difference to our silhouette. Dressing in red or black will show off our new firm lines and tantalizingly baring our backs will be no problem.

The experts tell us that at any time, we are just 10 days away from better health. They refer to a ten-day period of paying attention to what we eat so as to detox our systems.

If you’ve just had a baby and your body is struggling to find its old self, Remodelage is for you. Any hormonal changes, whether due to pregnancy or post-partum or even menopause are assisted with the technique. Age has no bearing on treatment efficacy and old fat and cellulite respond remarkably well.

Every face tells a story, and the year’s strains may have indeed taken their toll. A facial Remodelage is akin to a natural face-lift giving the gift of a glowing, healthy, skin. Treat yourself to at least one facial treatment before the partying starts.

Be sure that a few sessions will give you the sparkle you need to look chic and feel wonderful as 2019 draws to a close.

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