Simply the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Our mothers have been called the glue that holds the family together and the backbone of the home, and she certainly is all these things – and so much more.

This means that Mother’s Day is one of those occasions that requires careful thought.

Are you stuck for Mother’s Day gift ideas? We understand how hard it can be to find something that will accurately communicate the depth of feeling that we want to convey. We may also be in the unfortunate position of not being able to see our mothers on this special day.

We have some thoughts on finding the perfect gift, and we hope that these will assist you with choosing gifts for the special women in your life in the future.

Getting to Know Your Mother

So many of us take our Mums for granted, safe in the knowledge that she will always understand and always be there.  What many of us forget, though, is that Mum is a unique individual with her own story.

Have you ever sat down and listened to your mother’s story?

Why not take some time to ask her about her childhood, what her challenges were, and what her best memories are? Ask her what she was afraid of when she was younger, and how she coped with adversities. Talk about her parents and siblings, ask her what her favourite song was when she was 16, ask her what she would do differently if she could live her life again.

The insight that these precious conversations grant you will form the foundation of what gifts you can give on Mother’s Day – indeed throughout the year – that she will truly treasure.

Personal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Remember when we were children, and we gave Mum a slightly scrunched-up card with her name written backward and an oversized butterfly drawn in wax

crayon? Do you recall how her face

softened and she stowed this treasure away safely?

What would the equivalent personal gift look like when giving as an adult?

A handwritten note or painted card is a wonderful way to express yourself. Perhaps you’d like to add some meaningful photographs for her to proudly display?

All too often our best memories are hidden in our phones or computers instead of where we can see ad enjoy them. A photo cube is a versatile and stylish option to show multiple pictures in an innovative way.

Spoil Her

Mum is that person who will give you the last slice of cake and tell you that she didn’t want it anyway.

Why not acknowledge this self-sacrificing spirit and simply spoil her with a beautifully decadent hamper of goodies?

And give her strict instructions not to share with anyone!

We have put together a collection of luxury spoils in this beautiful hamper which includes something sweet, something bubbly, something shiny and beautiful, and other treats.

Hidden Gems

A gift card and flowers will always be appreciated, but isn’t terribly memorable, don’t you agree?

When you take the time to find something uncommon that you know that your mother will adore, something that isn’t available on the high street or found in every home, it adds a layer of love to your gift.

For example, an exquisite collection of these hand-blown glasses from Verrerie de Biot in the South of France would make an exceptional gift.

Each glass is individually made by a master glassblower. They are unique in every way and available in a variety of colours and styles.

A beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers and a carefully packed selection of these elegant glasses would make a wonderful gift.

Make Mother’s Day About Mum

Despite the current lockdown, there are so many ways that we can make Mum feel the love and care that she’s showered on the family for all these years.

Some families have chosen to arrange a virtual dinner party so that they can still spend some time in each other’s company. Perhaps deliver a delicious meal to your mother and enjoy it with her on Zoom or Skype.

Whatever your preference, remember that I am here to help and guide you with inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas.

If you find that gift-giving is a challenge for you, then please take a moment to find out more about Michelle’s Inner Circle. This subscription-based membership allows me to plan and curate exceptional gift selections for your family and friends based on your unique calendar and preferences.

Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day for you and your family.