Style Snap Sell by EHG Home

Buyers have busy lives, so our job is to make it easy for them to buy your property. Photography is key and therefore the quality of the marketing material is just as important as the content.

If the home is already furnished, we strongly recommend using a photographer who will work with a home stylist. Together they know how to rearrange each room, bring in props (accessories) to fill in the gaps and remove personal possessions so the home buyer is not distracted, and it becomes easier to determine whether the home is suitable for them.

If a property is not furnished then get it staged so it can be professionally photographed and presented to market maximising on its value, you wouldn’t go out to a job interview wearing tracksuit bottoms so put your best foot forward, this is after all your biggest asset!

We recommend a smaller number of lifestyle images as ‘teasers’ to entice the buyers in and want to then look at the whole property.

We’re not talking about “champagne on ice” imagery, buyers today are discerning so contrived styling isn’t an option, it needs to make sense. We like to use quirky accessories to bring a smile to a buyers face.

One main factor is how a room is photographed and from what angle as this is the very first impression a potential buyer is going to have online. We then need to be sure that when they come through the door in person it resonates, makes sense and they are pleasantly surprised. Too often the photography is shot on a very wide angle which can distort a buyers perspective of the scale so the first thing they think on entering is disappointment so not a good start!
“Basic wide-angle photography simply doesn’t cut it. We’re opting for still life and interior photographers who will capture images similar to that of an interior design magazine. Using furniture, art, plants, accessories, tableware, lighting, the aim is to create a memorable experience buyers love; a neutral, inviting space which enables any prospective buyer to envisage their lives in the home. This is the future of property marketing”

With social media platforms ever popular, a good photo can speak not a thousand words, but a million and why it is so important to capture the lifestyle and essence of a home at any level

With our founder, Kate’s background in photography and art, at EHG Home we know how to compose a room with the right furniture and accessories to complement a room
“I have always loved composition, for me composing a still life to paint or photographing a seascape is the same as composing a room, an understanding about the importance of a straight line, where to create horizontal and vertical lines, depth of field, format, balance and light are all a huge bonus for an interior stylist”

“The importance of good photography should not be underestimated. Top imagery can make all the difference between someone’s first and second choice.”

“High quality interior photography is essential ingredient for the marketing of high end property. It can show the quality of design and details in the best light. Equally bad quality photography can make interiors look uninspiring and flat.”

“Professional photographer will capture not only the property in it’s best light but also the mood. First impression counts and presenting your property online is the first point of contact potential buyers/ tenant has before even picking up the phone to speak to an agent or even a viewing. Online listings with professional photography receive 61% more click than listing of poor photography”

We also use photography and artwork to hang on walls. It can be emotive for a buyer and help sell the lifestyle not to mention complements and finishes off a room.

Landscapes especially depicting water resonates with calmness, botanical and conservative abstracts depict mood very effectively. We love The Venice Surf series by Kate Holstein @Lumitrix

I love the way the light floods the image and reminds me of my husband, who is a surf bum at heart”
And “Hollywood” by Sinziana Velicescu @Lumitrix

We will soon be launching our Etsy shop with some of Kate’s carefully curated photos, we will also be bringing you accessories and homewares all perfect for staging and styling your home

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