The Almost Essential Community: Sibylle, The Jeweler

Talented French jeweller Sibylle de Baynast has been making gold and silver hand engraved and gem jewellery for the past 10 years. Her pieces are often “one of a kind” and make perfect lifelong treasured gifts, using techniques that haven’t changed over hundreds of years. Here we talk to one of the most in-demand artisan jewlers in London and our friend, Sibylle de Baynast.

One word to describe yourself?

The last music you listened to?
Nick Cave

Your favourite restaurant?
Chez Hortense

The last book you read?
Souvenirs, souvenirs by Catherine Nay

A motto you try to live by?
Never give up!

Why did you start your business?
For my love of gemstones. Authenticity.

I asked Sibylle to make a medallion with the engraving of our family crest and it came out beautifully and cool enough for my son’s 18th birthday. Her work is perfect for special occasions, if you would like to speak to her about commissioning your own special piece of jewelry then visit her profile on Almost Essential here.