The Green Edit – Home

Green is the new black, but going green can be quite a challenge. Leading a healthier life includes choosing better food, changing lifestyle and reducing the use of products containing toxic chemicals.

Not sure how to do it? Follow our tips and start your green journey today!

Food should be on your priority list when you want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, but if you are not ready to take such a big step, your home is a good starting point.

I have learned to become really zen, when it comes to my house at least, because clutter is unhealthy for body and mind. Luckily, Feng Shui experts Amelia and Isi are here to give you a hand. Whether it’s your wardrobe, home, or office, they will help to unclutter your environment while balancing energies around you. The ancient art of Feng Shui will improve your mood, relationships and bring a general sense of wellbeing into your life.

Feng Shui

After you got rid of the superfluous, now your home needs a deep cleanse. Tony will come to your house and dry-clean your carpets, rugs, curtains, and even upholstery. He uses natural and organic products that will remove any dirt or stains. The results are brilliant and, best of all, no nasty smells left behind.

When it comes to green cleaning, finding effective products is not easy. One of my favourite ones is Terre de Sommières, an all-natural stain remover. This fine clay powder literally absorbs the toughest stains; sprinkle some on the guilty spot and leave it there for a few hours. After it’s worked its magic, simply vacuum or brush it off. The results will be a pleasant surprise.

Sleeping well is another crucial step towards a healthier lifestyle. We all know that avoiding caffeine and alcohol before going to bed improves the quality of your sleep; but have you ever thought about what is hiding inside your mattress?

Every year we shed up to half a kilo of skin into our mattress, and guess what? We also sweat about a quarter of a litre every night. Pretty shocking right? But there is more. Although you might not be familiar with dust mites, they are most certainly familiar with you. These tiny creatures feed on all that skin and they thrive on humid environments, meaning your bed is better than a 5* resort for them.

Unfortunately, ordinary vacuum cleaners won’t do the job, but Rob has the perfect solution to clean and sterilize your bedding


Now that you are not sharing bed with the enemy anymore, sleeping should be easier; but if you are still struggling, you should try some essential oils. Lavender has amazing calming properties and it will help you relax. Add some drops to an oil burner, or in alternative rub one drop on your palms and then onto your pillow. Lavender is also a natural bug repellent; placing a bag in your closet will eliminate moths and refresh your clothes.

Candles are another excellent option to help you relax and Lucy Annabella has a great range to choose from. Created using 100% soya wax and the purest essential oils, these delicately scented candles not only smell heavenly, but they also have powerful aromatherapy properties. Pick your favourite, sit back, and enjoy.

Scent by Design is another brand I love. Their candles look beautiful and the scent combinations are definitely unique. Try lime, basil, and mandarin, exquisite!

Lavender-greenWishing you a happy green journey! Let me know how you go!