Tips For Arranging The Perfect Flower Bouquet

Whilst technically speaking the astrological Autumn doesn’t begin until the 23rd of September this year, earlier this week the official meteorological autumn (used by weather forecasters) began, meaning florists have a whole spectrum of fall colours and new foliage to display in their shop windows.

Whether you’re in need of some flowers as a gift for a friend or simply to keep the house in sync with the changing seasons, we’ve rounded up a few rules of thumb when it comes to creating the perfect Autumnal flower bouquet…

1: Know Your Flower Types

There are four types of flowers, and it’s a often effective to include a mix of each. Focal flowers, like garden roses, peonies, dahlias command attention, tall flowers  like Amaranth, Delphinium Belladonna, and Cornus sanguinea determine the shape of the arrangement, filler flowers, such as Alchemilla and Queen Anne’s, and foliage like ferns and ivy add depth and contrast.

 2: Flowers That Bloom Together, Work Together

Adapted from the cooks phrase “things that grow together can be cooked together” the same can be applied to your selection of flowers.

3: Don’t Neglect Your Vase

All your hard work selecting the flowers for your arrangement will be undermined, if you choose the wring type of vessel to plant them. Generally speaking the wide based vase’s with cinched in necks, help to arrange flowers out but not bold upright. Unless you’re selecting only tall flowers, then rarely will a rectangular vase e the most effective option.

4: Cut Flowers With A Knife

Scissors can crush the stems of flowers, using a pairing knife to cut the base at an angle will create a cleaner cut that doesn’t damage the plant. Cutting an inch of the base of each stem, allows the flower to better absorb water when you eventually insert into into the vase.

5: Start With The Showstoppers

When putting your flowers into the vase, you should begin with the show stoppers. That is, the focal flowers which will capture the beholders initial attention. Once you have created the body of the arrangement, you and add foliage and the filler flowers for support strength. Lastly, you want to add the tall flowers to give height to the arrangement akin to the upright feathers of a peacock.


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