Tourmaline in October

October is considered to be a mysterious golden time of the year. It is time when puffer jackets start replacing light oversized jackets and cashmere overcoats become the staple item of clothing in the wardrobe. Another magical thing about October is that its birthstone is Tourmaline. If you’re looking forward to your birthday this month, then Tourmaline jewellery is the perfect gift choice.

Tourmaline is considered by some to be a lesser-known stone but it undoubtedly deserves great attention. The name ‘tourmaline’ originates from the Sinhalese name torammali, meaning ‘different gems’. The stone comes in a variety of colours because of different chemical compounds it consists of. Traces of iron and possibly titanium produce green and blue colours. Manganese produces reds, pinks, and yellows. The pink and yellow hues of some stones are also caused by radiation.
In regard to the history of Tourmaline, the stone was first discovered in 1554 by Francisco Spinoza. Back then, it was wrongly labelled the ‘Brazilian emerald’. Over the next two centuries Dutch miners continued to mine ‘emeralds’ on the West Coast of Italy. In 1711 the crown used in the coronation of Tsarina Anna of Russia’s coronation boasted a scarlet ‘ruby’ which was, in fact, a tourmaline.
It was only in the 1800s that tourmaline was recognised as a stone in its own right. The stone became known as an American one thanks to the efforts of Tiffany gemologist George F. Kunz, who wrote in praise of the tourmaline deposits in Maine and California.
Here at Augustine Jewels, we make use of tourmalines in a wide range of colours in both our ready-to-wear and bespoke collections.

1. Purple Amethyst Gold Cluster Ring

We decided to include pretty pink tourmaline in our Como collection because it features Tourmaline alongside deep purple Amethyst and fresh green Peridot. The gemstone combination is available in a ring, as pictured below, on a necklace and in stunning drop earrings.

2. Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

Pink tourmaline was featured also in this exquisite bespoke ring. In this piece tourmaline takes centre stage, complimented on either side by white diamond baguettes.

3. Pink and Chrome Tourmaline Ring
This next bespoke piece features double the tourmalines. In the centre is a magnificent and vibrant pear-cut pink tourmaline, complimented on either side by gorgeous green chrome tourmalines. This client chose this combination of stones for a modern and colourful look.

4. Mint Tourmaline 3-Band Ring

Lastly, below you can see another green tourmaline, this time in a mint shade. We sourced this wonderfully unique cushion cut stone for one of our bespoke clients who was looking for a statement piece.

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