Tutoring to support academic progress

Here is a bit of advice from one of our recommended Tutor Agency

“The October half term is already upon us and this little bit of breathing space is the perfect time to get a bit of additional tutoring support.

This half term is the ideal time in the academic year to start getting up to speed with school work. With six weeks of term already gone, most students will know the areas they need to work on so can really benefit from some extra help. Here are some of the benefits to having some extra tuition this half term:

Tuition will give you one-to-one guidance….
Now that the first half of term has passed, it might be clear that some areas need a bit more work than others. If you’re struggling with a topic and feel like you’re being left behind, having some extra help over the holidays will help you get up to speed. Then you can start the rest of the term feeling confident and ready to take on a whole new batch of challenges!
Tuition will calm you and give you some focus…
If you’re anxious about school and get in a bit of a panic when presented with a mountain of work to do over the half term, having someone help you plan your time might be beneficial. Tutors can help you put together a study timetable (with lots of breaks!) to make sure that you’ve got all the work covered and that nothing is left to the last minute.
Tuition will prepare you for things to come…
Having a bit of extra support will consolidate your learning to date and allow you to look ahead confidently to the rest of the school year. A tutor can work on core skills such as essay writing which will stand you in good stead for when your mocks and exams loom on the horizon.
A quick note for parents…
We often find that many people book tuition just before exam season when there is little time for a student to benefit from the tuition. Tutors’ schedules are already very busy so it can be hard to find the right person too. We advise parents to consider arranging tuition as early as possible to allow us time to find the right tutor. This also allows your child to study at a consistent rate over the year.”

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