3 Fitness Tips For 2019

1. It’s a lifestyle not a race


When it comes to creating your health and fitness goals approach it with making a difference to your lifestyle, rather than racing towards it (achieving it as quick as you can).

There’s nothing wrong with having a deadline to work towards that’s a good thing because it creates discipline, consistency and  urgency in adhering to your plan but let that not be your focus during the process.

Instead focus on making changes for health, mindset & energy so that you can not only achieve your goals but stick to them after because it has become part of your daily routine and lifestyle.

2. Jump over your hurdles


Everyone at some stage will come across a physical, emotional or psychological hurdle at some stage of their fitness plan. This is okay it can happen the important thing is how we overcome it and how quickly we overcome it to continue progressing in your goals.

The key is to identify what the hurdle is and find a solution for it, this is quite often the most important aspects of personal training because we communicate very closely with our clients on what the issue is and as a team create a solution.

For example I recently had a client who became overwhelmed with her fitness goals, it became emotionally hard for her and she admitted to becoming lazy. So instead of focusing on her long term goal, we set a short term goal of committing to three sessions per week, with a home plan she would do with her husband for accountability.

We acknowledged the hurdles, didn’t let them get bigger than they should be and came up with a solution to get over them.

3. Ask for help


Whether you’re new to exercise or a fitness lover and you’re struggling to stick to your fitness goals, unsure of how to do a specific exercise or would like to try something new but aren’t sure how, call in the experts and chat to a Personal Trainer.

A session with a Personal Trainer can help you find the right exercises for your goals, will ensure correct technique, can be super motivating and most definitely makes you accountable.

That’s why we offer a complimentary taster session for you to discover, learn and experience how you can start achieve your goals, we come to your home and a time that suits and when we meet ask us any questions you want to learn for your specific needs.


Want more help achieving your fitness goals in 2019? Then why not talk to Michael about receiving a complimentary one-to-one personal training taster session. He is an Almost Essential recommended partner and will give you personalised advice no matter what your level. You can contact him via Almost Essential here.