5 Reasons To Consider Hiring A Party Planner

If you are planning an event, choosing to invest some of your budget on a professional event planner will ensure your concept is made into an experience that your guest will talk about for years to come. The help of an experienced planner can save you time, money and stress. Now that Summer is just a memory, the party season is nigh. If you’re hosting a special event then here are five reasons to hire a party planner…

1. Turning A Concept Into Reality

It’s one thing to think up an original and exciting party concept that your guests will love and another to make it happen. A good party planner will be able to use their experience to tune into your desires, make recommendations that will enhance your concept and put into place the right people, processes and services to ensure your vision is realised in the smoothest and most memorable way.  From devising the concept to curating the decorations, venues, entertainment, catering, flowers, and unique one off expediences for your guests…you should have the confidence to make anything possible with an experienced professional.

party cocktail

2. Time

Once the invitations go out, you are imposing upon yourself a deadline that cannot be moved. Similarly you have to organise  the logistics and schedule for your event, not knowing exactly how many people will attend. On the day there is also a requirement to keep the event on schedule – whether that concerns the timing of food, entertainment or speeches. Time management is a necessary skill in event planning and if this is not your forte then hiring a professional can mean the difference between success and failure, no matter how good your idea.


3. Budget

Whilst it may seem that hiring a professional event planner will only add to the costs of organising your event, in fact a professional can help you stick to the budget you set for yourself and even save you money had you tried managing the organisaton alone.  A professional’s experience will furthermore be able t tell you what is possible with your budget and have relationships they can call on to secure better deals, with suppliers.


4. Stress

Whether you are juggling a business, job, family or none of them at all whilst trying to plan your event, there is no question there will be times when thinking about the budgets, invitations, venues, caterers, suppliers, contingencies, health and safety are going to induce some stress. Delagating responsibilities to an event planner and their experienced team, can make the experience of organising a party actually quite fun, as you visit suppliers and get involved in the creative aspects, whilst a team of experienced planners thrive off the fast paced logistics. There’s no reason, you should feel stressed after working with a planner.

firework party5. Adding That Something Special

The most memorable parties in our lives are rarely the ones, with a single big name music act, chef or show but rather ones where all the details have been considered and elevated by the host. It is the culmination of all these small details from (organising valet parking, goody bags and a continual flow of stimulation through the night) that makes a good party truly memorable.  A professional party planner, should have hundreds of ways of introducing this into your event.

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