A New Beauty Regime For 2019

1. Bring the beauty therapist to you.

Finding the time to get yourself out of the door, and down to the salon, often means your body doesn’t get the treatment it deserves. And it is this which causes tension and anxiety to build in the body and you not feeling your best.  Alas in 2019, you can now have the beauty therapist come to you with just a click of a button; saving you time and helping you our at short notice when you really needs it. Start this habit today.

2. Break out of your hairstyle rut. 

A dear girl friend of mine shared her best kept secret to her bouncy hair without going to the hairdresser.  The O Set is a roller that gives your hair fabulous volume thanks to a new heating technique which doesn’t burn your hair or your fingers! So here’s another a little habit to save you time and money in 2019.

3. Never sleep in your makeup.

It’s easy to pass out before properly removing your makeup, but nothing can justify the damage this does to your skin. Whilst you might think I’m going to recommend a product that tells you to avoid clogged pores, breakouts, and possible infections by keeping a bottle of water next to your bed, the other approach is to get in touch with a pioneer in micro-pigmentation therapy, which is another phrase used for semi-permanent make-up. If you really hate the chore of having to take your makeup off each night then I recommend you get in touch with Suzanne.