Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Perfect Person

As the calendar flips over yet once more and we enter the “Month of Love,” I’m sure you feel a little thrill of excitement in expectation of an exquisitely romantic and special day with your loved one. Yes, Valentine’s Day forces us out of the monotony of dealing with the necessities of life and adds a touch of sparkle.

The origin of Valentine’s Day, however, may seem a little at odds with what’s now regarded as the ultimate celebration of love and romance.

Embellishments aside, the tale of St Valentine is one of a dedicated priest in Rome, living around the 3rd Century AD. He was allegedly jailed for arranging secret marriages for soldiers at the time. These poor soldiers had been banned from marrying because, in the opinion of Emperor Claudius II, married men made bad soldiers.

Whilst in jail he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and when the heart-breaking day came for his execution on the 14th of February, his last letter to his great love was signed “From your Valentine.”

Today, though, we prefer to focus on showing appreciation for the ones we love, showering them with adoration and displays of our eternal devotion.

Gift Giving on Valentine’s Day

How will you celebrate your relationship this year?

Traditionally, flowers and champagne dominate the gifting landscape, and sometimes it’s hard to move out from beneath the umbrella of pre-packaged and meaningless commercial marketing. Imagine for example, that there were no mass-produced cards, flower arrangements or boxes of chocolates.

How would you show that you cared on Valentine’s Day?

The tedious repetitiveness of commercial gifts really just says, “I didn’t try hard enough.” Perhaps your focus can be on creating a memory instead of simply giving a gift. A whimsical and romantic experience demonstrates the time and care taken; a gift on its own. Indeed, there is so much more to finding the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s explore this together.

Gifts for Her

If you think that a well-thought-out, personalised gift will make her feel incredible, you’d be quite right. But did you know that nothing makes a woman feel wonderful more than looking wonderful?

If this is true for the lady in your life, then spending some time in the chair of a professional make-up artist will be an absolute joy. In fact, a deliciously intimate red-carpet facial in the hands of a knowledgeable beauty therapist will make her glow – literally!

For today’s women, a facial treatment is far more than a necessary skin care process. Rather, the procedure allows for total calm and relaxation in a tranquil environment, an essential escape away from the stresses of life. And she’ll love you for it.

Perhaps, however, you prefer to offer an individual keepsake that she can treasure for years to come. A striking piece of jewellery made with her in mind would be a wonderful choice and one which I can assist you with.

By choosing the perfect piece of jewellery you are offering a lasting gift, an investment, and possibly an heirloom for future generations. When you can’t find the right words – the glitter of a diamond says it for you.

Gifts for Him

Do you find that it’s difficult to find the perfect gift for the man in your life? (Especially when he seems to have everything!)

You’ll be thrilled to know that we have a wonderfully eclectic selection of gifts for the discerning man, both beautiful and practical.

I love this luxurious backgammon set in smoked oak with faux shagreen inlays, perfect for cosy nights in or for cigar soaked nights with the gentlemen.  Another fabulous option is the contemporary barware from Tom Dixon; an ideal addition for cocktail nights and entertaining. The blue glass is a gorgeous alternative to traditional silver, and the chunky yet sophisticated design of the various pieces is truly inspired.

If your partner is more of a connoisseur who enjoys gastronomic luxury, then let me source the perfect caviar. My personal favourite is Swiss Kasperskian caviar which is pure and delicious with a flawless texture.

The Valentine’s Day Challenge

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the importance of our relationship, and if it takes a slightly commercial holiday celebration to bring our partner into sharp focus then let’s embrace it.

Take some time to think about why you are together; how her eyes sparkle when laughs and how his warm hands always make you feel so safe. Let’s not get “love lazy” and let the marketing giants of the world determine the course of our relationship.

You may – like other time-strapped Londoner’s – prefer a home shopping experience in which we schedule some time to sit together over a cup of tea and go over what you have in mind for gifts and experiences for your loved one. I can then guide you through our range of ideas and offers and propose personalised suggestions.

Let’s source the most perfect, unique and meaningful gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Together, we’ll show how much you care.

Michelle xo