A Beginners Guide To Pilates

If the new decade had encouraged you to take up something new, that will keep you mind, body and soul, fit and healthy, then Pilates may be just the ticket. Here’s our advice for Pilates beginners …


Assess Your Requirements

Start with a thorough assessment of your physical condition before deciding which Pilates instructor, classes or exercises to participate in. This is something Nadine, one of Almost Essential’s recommended Pilates instructors can provide in the comfort of your own home.


Personalise Your Programme

Having assessed the impact of your lifestyle on your physical condition, ask your instructor to recommend exercises that are relevant to your life. Pilates teaches ways of doing things that can prevent injury or pain from everyday behaviours such as sitting in front of a computer screen. Pilates is designed to help your whole body, so don’t over focus in any one area. Pilates instructor Carme has even developed exercises to help her clients maintain their facial fitness.


Don’t Push Too Hard

If you are finding an exercise painful, stop. Listen to your body carefully, some discomfort can be normal, but one of the key facets of Pilates is about growing an awareness of your physical self.


Have Patience

You may dream of achieving a body like Madonna, but even she once needed to learn the basics of Pilates. By practicing regularly and consistently over time, you will achieve your goals. Becoming trained in Classical Pilates, requires you to dedicate yourself to many hours of practice known as “the method”. If you want to learn Classical Pilates and ensure the exercises you’re practicing are being performed correctly then you might want to consider joining a studio that teaches the classical method of Pilates. Almost Essential recommends this one in Battersea.


Make Some Space At Home

Create an open space in your home that is readily available for you to stretch, move and practice your exercises.


Bring The Expertise To Your Home

Online Pilates and fitness platforms are a great way to practice at home, when you don’t have time to make it to a class. The very charismatic Paola Langella, friend of Almost Essential, has founded an online service where you can access unlimited Pilates videos for a monthly subscription fee. Non-members have access to free tips for beginners and stretching videos. Select workouts from Dynamic or Cardio Pilates with props or no props divided in body parts (abs, gluteus and legs, arms, full body); so that you can tailor your workouts to suit your requirements.


Be Mindful

Take some time out for your Pilates practice on a regular basis. Turn off your mobile, take the phone off the hook, and try to take some quiet time for yourself regularly. It could help you to feel more relaxed and spacious in the rest of your day.


To view Almost Essential’s recommended Pilates instructors, studios and services – simply search the Almost Essential website for “Pilates“.