Almost Essential Selects: The Spookiest Halloween Party Balloons

1. The Happy Pumpkin

£8.39 per balloon (also available as part of a bouquet)

The tradition of creating jack ‘o lanterns dates back to the Celtic tale of Stingy Jack, who was a wandering soul that was not let into heaven nor hell. On all hallows eve, in order to scare his spirit away, the Irish began the tradition of carving scary faces into root vegetables and lighting them with candles.  If you’re home needs some extra protection from wandering jack this October 31st, then why not check this party baloon out.


2. The Gothic Bat

£8.39 per balloon (also available as part of a bouquet)

The Bat is a recurrent theme in some of our scariest Gothic literature and even more recently in cinema. What sets bats apart is their ability to perceive things others can’t see, with powers like the devil that come out only at night. Inevitably the bat has a marked reputation in many cultures as a messenger of Satan – be careful not to leave this balloon hanging around the attic – you’ll surely give the kids a fright.

3. The Happy Ghost

£7.19 per balloon (also available as part of a bouquet)

Since ancient times, ghosts —spirits who have returned from the dead to haunt the places they left behind—have figured prominently in folklore around the world.  ‘The Happy Ghost’ however, with it’s wide eyes and broad smile, is more of a family friendly spirit that we like to nick name Casper.







4. Fangtastic Vampire Teeth

£7.19 per balloon (also available as part of a bouquet)

You’ll have to be careful not to get too close to these Fangtastic vampire teeth. For it has been said for centuries, that vampires require a fresh supply of blood in order to continue living. Fortunately, the idea that these blood-thirsty undead beings have fangs was something of a creation by 18th and 19th century authors.

5. The Happy Skeleton

£8.39 per balloon (also available as part of a bouquet)

It doesn’t seem difficult to understand how skeletons have became associated with Halloween. The skeleton reminds us that Halloween is a day to remember the dead. Whilst it has been traditionally a solemn day to remember in Britain, in many other cultures it is a day of celebration! The happy skeleton, with his or her bucktooth smile, somewhat reminds us of this…


6. The Wicked Witch

£8.39 per balloon (also available as part of a bouquet)

Every year on Halloween witches around are said to gather. We’re not talking about a gathering of witches, as you might know from Harry Potter, these witches would meet to have dinner hosted by the Devil and plan all kinds of magical mischief. Let the kids come trick or treating only to be presented with this supersize, wickedly witches’ face!


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Happy Halloween!




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