The Essential Art Of Gift Giving

Useful or indulgent? Personal or practical? Extravagant or home-made? Indeed, the art of gift-giving is exactly that; an art!

Throughout the year, it’s not difficult to find reasons to give gifts. Sometimes to those we love and care about in celebration of their birthday, and sometimes as a token of gratitude or appreciation for something someone has done for us. We also give gifts for weddings, religious or cultural occasions and festivities, or to congratulate or commiserate.

Gift-giving is, in fact, a ritual that is hard-wired into our DNA and as integral to the traditions of our culture as music and food.

Psychologically, giving gifts benefits both the giver and the receiver, creating positive feelings in us and in others. So, whatever the reason for giving a gift, one of the happy side-effects is that it also makes us feel good.

Of course, it makes us feel even better if the gift we give is truly loved and appreciated by the person receiving it, and this is something that’s not always easy to get right.

How do we know what to give? We want something thoughtful and personal, but do we choose practical or indulgent? How do we match the extravagance of the gift with the occasion for which it’s being given? Do we go for contemporary or classic, high-tech or traditional?

These are just a few questions that a professional gifting service can help you answer.

Unwrapping The Complexities Of Gift Giving

Finding the perfect gift – one which suits both the recipient and the occasion – isn’t easy.

The very best gifts are those the recipient will remember, and which evoke some kind of positive emotional response. Ideally, you want the gift to say “when I saw this, I immediately thought of you.” It should please and satisfy them in a personal way and make them feel special – not necessarily because of the gift itself, but because of the time, effort and thought you put into its selection.

Of course, presentation is also important, and a beautifully wrapped present that you’ve obviously taken time over and put a lot of effort into, speaks volumes about the way you feel about the person to whom it’s being given.

Because it’s sometimes a little tricky knowing what to buy for certain people, it’s easy to fall back on the reliable standby of the gift card. First introduced to the world 25 years ago, this handy little piece of gifting genius was hailed as the welcome end to the endless question of “what am I going to buy for…..?” A gift card meant you always gave the right thing – the recipient just had to go and choose it.

It may still seem a tempting option – the recipient can go and buy something they really want, so where’s the harm in that?

Well, none really, it’s just that it’s a little cold and sterile. As a buyer, so much of the fun lies in selecting a gift that shows you’ve really thought about the person, and the joy you get when they open your gift and it genuinely takes their breath away. It’s the excitement of choosing it, wrapping it up and then not giving the game away in the times you meet up prior to giving them their present. It’s the delighted joy on their face when they see what you’ve bought. These are moments giving a gift card robs you of.

Of course, there is the school of thought that says giving experiences is better than giving material possessions.

In some cases, when shopping for “the person that has everything” it can be an interesting option. While a relaxing day at a spa, a deep tissue massage or a weekend away may not be something that will sit on the mantlepiece, it’s no less special when selected with care and planned with love.

The Essential Art Of Gift Giving 2

The Perfect Solution for Gift Giving

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