An Explosion Of Talent

Downstairs from the Catherine Prevost stylish pop Up on Sloane Street, (or else you can pop into the gallery from Pavilion Road next to KXU) is Andrea Hamilton’s sensational CHROMA exhibition. These two longstanding friends are showing us a fabulous case of Girls Power and how friendship can achieve wonders.

Catherine Prevost beautiful new clothes collection is about timeless, elegance, chic and glamour. Her clothes embrace a feminity that is empowering to women. She started her design career as a jewellery designer and now combines her clothing line with her jewellery line to create the CP elegant look.

The photographic artist, Andrea Hamilton, is returning to one of her most well-known motifs, the sea. In this exhibition she presents her first major show for five years, featuring large-scale works from the recent Horizon Bursts and Horizon Strips series. Hamilton’s new pieces are from an extraordinary and expansive photographic catalogue of seascapes called Seachroma: water and sky observed and shot in natural light over a 20-year period.

Seachroma, the first-ever library of natural sea colour, are created entirely from raw, non-Photoshopped digital files. Borrowing the title from the 19th century guide Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, The Seachroma not only capture a moment in time but set up.

The conceptual sculptor Angela Palmer is also fascinated with documenting: mapping the unseen, that which is beyond the visible, whether it is the human brain, an Egyptian child mummy or geological strata. In Anthropocene, she takes our modern human age as a starting point and works backwards. Palmer sourced 16 rocks from 3 billion years of geology, tracing a complete timeline of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from their position near the South Pole to the present day.

The eternal truth of entropy is the guiding light of British artist Emma Witter’s work. She utilises intricate bone structures to create fragile, flower-patterned forms, forming deeply beautiful memento mori, where the depths of our bodies are celebrated rather than mourned. The bones are blanched, dead and free of colour, yet they are also of time and still change; they degrade and fall apart.

All three artists share a common bond in their urge to create and map the underlying structure of things: they are interested in how profoundly one can explore a subject. They reveal how infinite nature can be, and show that the deeper you go, the more there is to find. It is all about what lies beneath

Catherine Prevost Pop Up is open until the end of December

Andrea Hamilton exhibition is opened until the 7th November

127 Sloane Street SW1X9AS