Dress Your Table With The Perfect Placemats

When we think back to the best dinners that we’ve planned and attended, we’ve found that it’s the small details that have had the biggest impact on the atmosphere. Without a doubt, the right table setting has the potential to create a welcoming environment, making everyone feel comfortable and excited for the festivities ahead.

Much in the same way that the right piece of jewellery completes an outfit, often tying all the elements together to create the overall look that you’re going for, so too can certain elements that make up your table setting. In particular, we’re thinking of the role your placemats play in adding a touch of creativity, sophistication, and even warmth to your gathering.

Just as easily, though, something as simple as choosing the wrong placemat can undo all the thought that has gone into designing the mood and style of your table.

To help you find the best placemats for your next dinner party or event and host a truly magnificent affair, we have highlighted our top picks from a stunning array of placemats for you to choose from.

Designing Your Tablescape

You might be thinking that the menu should play the hero’s role at a dinner party, but we would argue that it all starts and ends with the welcoming ambience infused by the right aesthetic. In short, it’s the tablescape that welcomes, enthralls, and plays the silent host to your guests.

Is it any wonder that creating a tablescape for any event can be a somewhat daunting task, regardless whether you’re a seasoned entertainer or about to throw your first dinner party?

If you find yourself in the position of playing hostess and are concerned about how to design your own signature table setting, please don’t allow the stress to take away from what can be a delightfully creative process.

A few tips and tricks to help design your table:

1. Break down the process so that you are working from the outside in, and top to bottom.

2. Adapt your table setting to the meal being served.

3. Decide on your colours.

4. Linens anchor your table, so select the right textures, sizes, and quality.

5. Floral centerpieces offer a myriad of options, from classic and elegant to bright and avant- grade – consider hiring a floral artist to bring your table life, such as Flower Arrangements by our selected florists, who are fabulous when it comes to floral arrangements for dinners or parties.

6. Coordinate your décor so that your centrepiece, linens, and placemats work well together.

How To Choose The Best Placemats 

When you think about designing your table, you typically think of the dinnerware, silverware, linens, glasses, lighting, and centrepieces. It’s not often that you put too much time behind your choice of placemat. However, placements play a subtle yet pivotal role. Indeed, it is the humble placemat that frames the area where your guests will dine, guiding them to where they will sit, and adding depth to the table.

When it comes to choosing the right placement, we recommend investing in different materials and designs so that you have a wide range at the ready. You see, even if you don’t wish to swap out your silverware, you can still amaze and enthrall your guests time after time by bringing in fine linens, reeds, perspex, bamboo, and the like through your choice of placemat. In doing so, you can create a completely different atmosphere.

Here is a closer look at a few of our favourites.

Tamara von Schenk Placemats

We love all manner of placemats, but we would be lying if we didn’t mention that the Tamara von Schenk placemats hold a dear spot in our hearts. It’s the unique combination of the old classic placemats with the juxtaposition of vivid colours, wit, and flair that result in an arresting visual. But more than this, it’s the fact that these mats are individually made by Tamara and have become increasingly popular amongst celebrities and people with flair.

The different styles come in a selection of colours, each with a suede purple backing, and handpainted gold edges. Each set comes with six placemats, presented in a red luxury gift box.

Importantly, the mats are wood-based, heat and water resistant, and the measurements are 39 x 29 x 0.5cm.

Click here to get in touch and place an order for placemats that you’ll be remembered for.

Belgian Linen Placemats

Dress up your table with beautiful and colourful placemats made from the best quality Belgian linen. The single row of Hemstitch adds a lavished ambience to your dining room! We wish we could tell you which colour to start with, but with so many options, you can have all the fun in the world dressing up your table, and even mixing and matching placemats and napkin colours.

What we will say is that Sage and Oyster are our top picks for a naturally chic choice, while we favour Café Glacé and Aubergine for the cooler seasons.

Click here to find out more about sizes, colours, washing instructions, and even put in your order online.

Fluorescent Table Mats

Bolder still are fluorescent table mats which offer a refreshingly contemporary look. Measuring 33 x 33cm and 3mm thick, these perspex table mats are made to order and can be used either as placemats or serving trays. You can opt to keep it sophisticated and sharp with the oh-so-cool black, but we do love the opportunity to create a sensationally lit up experience with any of their more funky colours.

We adore the idea of a really fun, retro Christmas table, complete with red and orange perspex placemats.

Click here to lighten up your table.

Waxed Linen Placemats

In the mood for something Italian and linen? Try coated linen placemats that are made to order in Italy. With the waxed linen fabrication, these placemats are just as practical as they are stunning. You can wipe them clean as often as you need them to be refreshed, and they can even be machine washed and ironed (on the reverse side), for the ultimate convenience. Michelle’s favourite size is 48 x 42cm, which is fairly generous and can be set with plates, knives and forks, and glasses.

So chic and available in an exquisite range of colours and shapes, we simply couldn’t tell which shades are best… but we can tell you that our own collection is growing with every opportunity.

Click here to view the range of colours.

Traditional Pewter Charger 

If you want a little extra”wow” for that first impression then these traditional pewter charges are perfect. They are typically removed with the arrival of the first course as the metal is soft and not suitable to be used as a placemat. The chargers can be engraved to add that personal touch, especially popular is adding the family crest or a personal message for your guests..

The charger is 205mm in diameter and can have matching coasters at 9mm diameter to complete the look.

Click here for more information.

Final Touches

Hand Embroided Gold and Silver Table Linen

The ultimate luxurious table linen and matching napkins with a delicate leaf design is the perfect addition to your sophisticated table setting and any special occasion. You can either choose between a gold leaf and silver vine or silver leaf and gold vine.It is 100% Irish linen and hand embroidered. A beautiful classic look.

Click here to order

Party Napkins

Now that you have the perfect setting it is time to add something personal and so much fun, for a real talking point we recommend the party napkins. They are always a favourite with the guests and make for an excellent conversation point.

Let guests choose their own or allocate what you think suits them best.

The 8 adjectives are; funny, sassy, sexy, chatty, naughty, feisty, witty and fashionista.

These fun napkins are also perfect as a hostess gift.

Find out more here. 


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