Emerald Q&A With Alexandra Robson of Augustine Jewels

Emerald Q&A With Alexandra Robson of Augustine Jewels


Can you tell me what an ‘Emerald’ actually is?

Of course,  an emerald is actually a variety of Beryl, the same mineral as Aquamarine & Morganite and is found all over the world!



Emerald Spiral Necklace in Yellow Gold Plate £195

Our Portofino Collection features some beautiful Emeralds. This necklace is simply an enchanting choice for the modern woman!

What gives emeralds their distinct green colour?

Emeralds get their beautiful green colour from the traces of Chromium, Vanadium and Iron that can be found in Beryl.



Emerald Diamond Halo Earrings £550

These delicate 9ct white gold earrings make a perfect gift; they feature two beautiful green emeralds, surrounded by sparkling white diamonds!

What makes emeralds so expensive?

Emeralds, like most stones, have a scale on which they’re judged. The most expensive emeralds have a bright green colour but also have minimal to no dark spots otherwise known as impurities!



Emerald Spiral Earrings in Yellow Gold Plate – £245

Here are the beautiful Yellow gold plated Spiral Earrings to match the Portofino Necklace above!

Which piece of  jewellery that you’ve made, featuring Emerald, is your favourite?

I think it has to be this Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring, made especially for a ‘Proposal’! It was such a special story to be part of.



Learn more about their Bespoke Service here

This gorgeous ring was created through our Bespoke Service. We place you at the heart of the design process and you’re there for every stage in the creation of your beautiful bespoke piece!

We are delighted to partner with Augustine Jewels and to bring you their amazing knowledge of stones and jewellery design.