Explore Tiger Rich Myanmar by boat


The northern part of Myanmar is home to more than 30 kinds of mammals including tigers, elephants, leopards, bear, various species of primates and a wide variety of tropical birds. Like many parts of Asia, it has suffered from poaching but new attention to the reserve has begun to deter this. In the 1990s it was thought that all Bengal tigers from the area had been hunted out, yet in 2013, camera traps revealed several tigers here. A renewed effort is underway to save these amazing animals. The remote reserves in northern Myanmar exist today as a place of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by various tribal groups that have lived in this part of Upper Sagaing for millennia.

Jack and his team will take you to the Chindwin river where our ‘bouteak’ boat made by hand entirely of teak awaits us. This 7 cabin river boat will be your home for the next few nights – the perfect size for an intimate group expedition, milestone birthday or significant wedding anniversary. All cabins are air conditioned with private showers and toilets.teak-4

The beautiful thing about this boat is that it allows us to access incredibly remote areas of Myanmar such as the wildlife reserves along the Chindwin from a base of total, luxurious comfort. Our focus is exploration of the tribes and wildlife preserves along the river, arguably the least known (to the outside world) in Asia. The Chindwin rises in the remote Hukaung valley tiger reserve of Myanmar just to the north of our put-in location. Retaining the feel of 19th century Myanmar the trip takes you away from you usual tourist trail. Each bend in the river brings a new vista of traditional village life, some on the verge of great change, others not. Our goal is to get a feel for river life as we make our way towards one of Asia’s least known but most important nature reserves-the Tamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary. Each night we anchor and sleep with the sounds of the jungle just beyond the teak walls of our boat.

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