Gifts for Her: A Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Present

Men are brilliant at opening jars, can bravely remove spiders from the home, and are superlative at defending their significant other’s honour. What they lack, however, is a workable system for finding gifts for her.

We are all exceedingly aware of the chasm that exists between the two genders, most notably present in gift-giving. In this upside-down arena, the practicality and durability of a product – something that forms the very foundation of gifts for him – matters not a whit to her.

Buy a man a hunting knife and a chainsaw and he’ll rise immediately to the Alpha Male position within his peer group. However, present a woman with a vacuum cleaner with a shiny handle and she’ll be on her way to her mother’s house with a suitcase before you can take it out the box.

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Her

Gentlemen, a word. Despite what we say, we women are mostly a romantic lot. We love beautiful things, affection, and gifts that show thought and appreciation.

That means if you want to find a special gift for her, something that will make her eyes light up and that she’ll remember forever, then you need to do a little homework.

Find out what she loves and why.
Listen carefully to her musings and ideas.
Scroll through her Pinterest account.
Remember that your gift will tell her how you feel about her.

Whereas men are more practical, women are more whimsical and emotional. Give a man a bunch of flowers and he’s likely to ask if he can eat it, yet a woman will cherish them until they wither in their vase.

And it’s true – women really do appreciate the gesture!

So now we have some direction, let’s get more specific.

Get Personal

If you’re going to buy that jacket that she’s been coveting or something that you know she would look stunning in, be sure to take careful note of her measurements. Find out the colours she prefers to wear, and why she feels as she does about them. Notice her style and jewellery choices; does she like small and simple, or something bright and bold?

Have you considered getting something custom-made for your significant other? Certainly, one-of-a-kind gifts, especially those that are personalised with her name or a message, will always be well-received.

If she is an avid Pinterest user then ask if you can scroll through her boards. These wish lists are invaluable sources of information.

Making an effort to understand her preferences is the best place to start and will set you on the right path.

Understand Her Heart

Finding a gift that speaks to the heart is an extraordinary thing. A meaningful gift for her doesn’t have to be costly or rare, but it should show her how you feel and display your intimate knowledge of her feelings.

Hunting down a rare book from her favourite author, or having a meaningful poem or phrase printed out and exquisitely framed won’t cost much but will bring a beaming smile to her beautiful face.

Find a gift that has a story and tell her why it made you think of her. Buy her something entirely impractical but breathtakingly lovely and let her know that its purpose is simply to make her world more beautiful.

Acts of Service

A gift for a lady who has everything may come in the form of an experience or giving something of yourself. For example, consider preparing her favourite meal and taking her out onto the moonlit balcony to enjoy a quiet evening together.

Alternatively, why not order a delicious meal from a skilled chef and have it delivered to your home for a special night in.

Arrange a morning off with a massage and a facial from one of London’s best beauty therapists – just because she deserves it.

When Valentine’s Day comes around, we women love to be spoiled and to spoil in return. Small gestures like chocolates on her pillow or flowers delivered to her desk will mean so much.

Timing and Delivery

How do you want your gift to make her feel? What emotion are you hoping to evoke?

The way you present a gift, as well as the occasion you’re celebrating, is almost as important as the gift itself.

Let’s take an example.

Consider this gift: A beautifully scented candle, perhaps with bath salts and a carefully chosen novel, lovingly wrapped and offered with a card that reads, “For my hardworking wife. You deserve some special time to yourself.”

Should this be given just because you appreciate her, on a random Thursday after an exhausting week, your lady will be thrilled. She will feel treasured, understood, and truly special.

However, the same gift given on a 25th wedding anniversary may not elicit the same emotion.

If you’re on the fence about an item, unsure as to whether she’ll love it or not, we have an easy fix: Ask yourself if she’ll be excited to tell her friends about it. Women are social creatures, and we love the admiration (and envy) of our friends.

Are they going to show it off? Your answer to this question will tell you which way to go.

Do You Need Help?

So, if you proudly presented your girlfriend with a wall-mounted moose head last Valentine’s Day, knowing that she’s an animal lover (and especially loves moose), then it’s safe to say that you may need more than a little guidance.

We understand that you’re looking for a gift for her that is remarkable, memorable, and unique. This is where we shine, and we’d love to assist you. Please get in touch with me for curated gift advice. Together we can make 2021 her best Valentine’s Day yet.