Gifts for Him: How to Find the Perfect Valentines Gift That He Actually Wants

Have you been trawling through the internet looking for “gifts for him” only to find the same, tired old Valentine’s gift ideas?  Do you pull out all the stops when February rolls around and find that you’ve missed the mark – again?

We believe that gift-giving is an art that can be developed over time, but it does need to be rooted in the right assumptions.

It’s no secret that men and women are worlds apart in how they think and feel. This is one of the main reasons why it can be so difficult to find the right Valentine’s gift for your partner. On top of this, we want to cater to their unique individuality and personal tastes.

Let’s put the guesswork and creeping anxiety aside for a minute and uncover a few simple ways to find the most memorable and irreplaceable gifts for him.

The Best Gifts for Him Made Simple

It would be wise to remember one key thing before you start shopping for your significant other. Whereas women tend to love the thought behind the gift and the manner in which it’s given, men are generally more practical. At the same time, they love gifts that they want, and not necessarily what they need.

An article on the psychology of gift-giving notes that there are four main types of gifts.

  • Gifts that are symbolic of the self and of the giver
  • Gifts that are symbolic of the giver’s knowledge of the receiver
  • Gifts that are symbolic of the occasion
  • Gifts that are expressive and contain an array of significant meanings

The favourite gifts often fall into the second category and are gifts that the receiver wants but wouldn’t have bought themselves.

With that in mind, let’s explore this topic further.

Understanding His Needs

Giving a gift that demonstrates a clear understanding of his personal needs is a brilliant jump-off point.

How does he like to spend his time? What hobbies or interests does he have that he has expressed an interest in pursuing further? What sort of items does he buy for himself?

When you know what excites your man, what he shows real enthusiasm for, then you will have some direction. Listen carefully. If he’s involved with interests that you aren’t familiar with, then take some time to do some research into them and find out what you can and how you can add to it.

By doing this you will show that you care enough to deep dive into his world, while still giving something useful and important to him.

Creating Something Unique

How can we find something unique and yet still practical?

One way to add that special touch that takes a gift from great to amazing is to have something tailor-made or personalised.

Science tells us that when we take the step of adding someone’s name to a product or creating something unique for them, a host of chemicals are released in the brain.

We become emotionally attached to a product made just for us. It establishes a connection between two people which allows us to communicate how they feel about each other. These items become symbolic of our relationship and what it means to each person.

Something simple like personalising a set of golf balls or golf link toppers will certainly bring a smile to his face.

But there are so many more options available to you.

For example, if he likes to entertain, why not consider a personalised cocktail shaker.

A short, loving message, a family crest, or simply his initials will turn this beautiful gift into something deeply personal.

Give an Experience

What if you’re shopping for the man who has everything? This can be tricky to navigate but not impossible. A person may have everything they need, but they certainly haven’t done everything.

Maya Angelou famously said that “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Perhaps your gift will take the form of a memory or an extraordinary experience.

While our movements are restricted, we may not be able to travel to remote destinations, but we can set up a romantic experience at home. Perhaps arrange a cosy fire, some delicious caviar, a bottle of wine, and their favourite movie?

What about a wonderfully relaxing massage followed by their favourite meal created and delivered by a talented chef?

Art courses, cultural experiences, and behind-the-scenes tours are just a few of the countless ways to give a memorable experience to someone that we love.

Shop with Purpose

We hope that you have some direction and a few more ideas for your Valentine’s gift for him. If you’re still a little lost then please feel free to get in touch for some curated gift advice for this special day.