How To Create The Perfect Table Setting

Whether you are throwing a formal dinner party or just entertaining a few guests, here’s our advice on creating the perfect dinner table.


First Things First, Get Organized!

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Think about the theme or atmosphere you want for your event and start looking at what you already have. Make a list and jot down what tableware and decorations you’re missing to create your perfect setting. Whilst this exercise might seem a little over the top, we are aiming to create the perfect table setting and it will certainly make everything less stressful.

In case you’re wondering, these fun and colourful notepads are available on our online store here. Now let’s get to work on the table setting.

Start As You Mean To Go On

The foundation of any table setting should of course be beautiful placemats and tablecloth. Selecting the right materials and design sets the tone for the whole evening, whether you are preparing for a formal dinner party or a more casual event. Whether you’re using a table cloth or not, or whether your table surface is made of wood, marble or another material, these waxed linen table placements will dress up your dinner or lunch table very elegantly. Their design is not only chic, but practical, they’re incredibly easy to clean and wipe down in case of any spills, so it never feels like too much effort setting these up.


Create The Centerpiece 

A spectacular centrepiece doesn’t need to be based around any single object, you can simply use a collection of pretty bowls or elegant vases in a cluster to create layers of height that add interest to your settings. My Belgian friend, the artist Anita le Grelle, sculpts the most beautiful ceramic vases and flatware. Each of her pieces are as individual as the beautiful ceramic colours imprinted on them. I recommend you talk to her to see what pieces she has available for your table setting or whether she can create a bespoke piece for you. Just remember not to choose pieces that are so tall, that they’ll stop your guests from being able to see one another.

Don’t Neglect The Lighting

Dim lighting will help to relax and put your guests at waste, I find candlelight to be the most flattering form of light, helping to add warmth to the ambiance of the room. These Candle Votives sparkle and shine in every direction thanks to the fluorescent perspex – striking the balance between the light being not so dim that guests can’t see what their eating, whilst not being so bright that the atmosphere of the space has something taken away from it.

Invest In Timeless Silverware

Silverware can often make or break a table setting, that’s why it’s certainly worth investing in high quality knives, forks and spoons. Well made silverware has timeless elegance that will last for generations. For example, these wooden handled knives and forks might look quite contemporary, but they actually draw inspiration from the 17th and 18th centuries. They wouldn’t look out of place if you discovered them in an auction house also. It doesn’t matter whether your serving a lavish beef wellington or spicy Sichuan noodles to your guests, this cutlery really will suit any occasion.



Keep The Dinnerware Simple

We eat with our eyes and as such your dinnerware is all-important. You’ll want a range of different-sized plates, bowls and serving dishes, but when it comes to design – there’s really no need to fret. The main rule of thumb is to pick something, which goes with your colour scheme. Themis Z Lifestyle produce a wonderful array of different designs suitable for every occasion. You really cannot find fine porcelain much higher quality than this. Find a design that matches your tastes here.


Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Especially for your Christmas table, there’s no reason why you should be afraid to inject a little colour into your table settings. Perhaps not more than three, but certainly one or two main colours for your scheme will work wonders. These Murano glasses by Italian designer Isabelle Bizard, are stunningly beautiful. They come in a range of different colours to suit your scheme and of course, by the nature of this kind of glass making, each design is entirely unique. Take a look at her range here.

Looking for something a bit more informal or fun? Perhaps as a luxury gift for a client? Why not take a look at the Skiers bone china range of tableware mugs and dishes. Dede Johnston, a talented photographer, took inspiration from her acclaimed 2008 photograph ‘Crowded Slopes’ to design mugs and then espresso cups and saucers for her own use at her chalet and as a unique gift for friends. They became so popular that she created a full dining range which is now available to buy via Almost Essential. 

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