How To Detox Your Home

As Spring rapidly approaches, you may be considering to give your house a detox. We cannot underestimate the positive effects such an activity can have in our daily lives. For a clean and organised home; can lower our feelings of stress and anxiety, reduce any allergic symptoms troubling us, lessen the spread of germs – keep us healthy, keep us productive and even keep our waistlines in check (according to research at Cornell Univeristy, NYC).

Here we’ve borrowed a few tips from Almost Essential’s recommended wardrobe organisers, house cleaners and optimisers, to get you prepared for your next big house clean.

How To Detox Your Home:

1. Tackle by category: all clothes first, then books, then papers, then toiletries, miscellaneous.

2. Only keep items you absolutely love and frequently use.

3. Don’t hold onto anything out of fear of letting go, if you do this you are preventing the new from entering your life.

4. Work fast! Rather than doing little and often, try to dedicate a whole weekend.

5. Once you have finished detoxing, clear the space, burn some sage or replenish  bouquets of fragrant flowers around the home in order to reset your home’s energy.

For those of you, who’d prefer the convenience and expertise of having someone else detox for you, then we encourage you reach out to our recommended house cleaners, wardrobe organisers and optimisers.