How To Dress For The Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival is a three day festival, like no other. Set on the iconic Goodwood estate, the ‘Revival’ combines the glamour motor racing with vintage fashion from the racing’s heyday period 1948-1966. If you’ve never attended the revival, then have no doubt that the styling is as important as the cars. The celebration of vintage and retro fashion culminates in a best dressed competition at 3pm on each day of the festival. Although period fashion is not a requirement to attend the event, the vast majority of men, women and children all take part. Styling yourself is really just a bit of light-hearted fun to help create an immersive experience, so there’s no need to stress over what to wear especially if you take in our free advice and tips below.

How to create an authentic vintage look?

The first step is to choose your favourite era of British fashion. A quick google image or Pinterest search will give you a feel for each decade’s particular look.


The 1940’s saw simple, paired back tailoring that arose from the strain on the wartime economy. Think muted, double breasted jackets and plain tea dresses.



As the country came off rationing and austerity began to fade into the past, the fashion became more indulgent. If you opt for a 1950’s look then keep your eyes peeled for fuller, round skirts, voluminous petticoats and items that introduce pattern. Striped shirts, spotted ties and argyle cardigans, if you’re male.



Until the sixties, young people dressed just as their parents did. The teenager was born in the sixties and so too shorter and heavily tailored clothing, including the miniskirt, turtleneck and tights.


Tips for a winning look?

If you are keen to make the final in the Best Dressed competition then you’re going to have to really impress judges. All the judges are experts in fashion and culture of the 1940s – 60s. Authenticity is key, so it is advisable to use original garments and accessories from that period to capture the essence of a era.

Whilst charity shops, eBay and vintage fairs are sure fire places to discover some of the best vintage clothing, it can take a lot of time and effort to source a winning look – particularly if the children are joining you at the festival too.

To make things easier Almost Essential recommends taking a look at this contemporary interpretation of a vintage fashion store, or alternatively get a personal stylist to find the perfect look for you. Both Emily and Jayne Pickering are two stylists, who have helped us out on many occasions and would love to hear from you.