Meet Marie Daage, The Legendary Porcelain Painter

Meet the legendary porcelain painter, and one of the most respected figures of Limoges Porcelain heritage, Marie Daage, the receiver of the prestigious Chevalier de l’ordre de la Légion d’honneur.

“Building your porcelain collection is like building your wardrobe – you find your must-haves, your favourites, and your touches of colour, and you buy key pieces every year” – explains Marie.

Born in Austria, raised in the French West Indies and educated at the School of The Louvre, Marie Daâge started hand-painting on Limoges porcelain in 1990. Her creativity and respect of a heritage craft, quickly led her to work with artisan painters from Limoges’ region. Over the years, Marie Daâge has grown into a major player on the French luxury and international decorative arts scene.

Marie Daâge collections are some of the very last to be painted entirely by hand, as opposed to printed patterns. The resulting pieces represent a rare combination: fine Limoges porcelain, patterned not with the usual rigid decorative motifs, but with playful and expressive hand-painting. Each piece is a unique piece of art.

“Table setting is akin to getting dressed for the day: you create it by layers, starting with basics, and adding accents and accessories. You can mix and match any patterns, as long as you have a good basic colour palette with several matching colours.”

Passionate about the decorative arts, Marie Daâge designs her collections as a maison de haute couture. As a fashion house, Marie Daâge unveils a new series of collections and colors each year, playing with timeless motifs and contemporary trends.

To date, Marie Daâge offers 80 collections in more than 60 colour palettes. All collections are available to feature any color on any shape. Because Marie Daâge porcelain is hand-painted, it can be customized for a truly one-of-kind table service. One should browse through all the collections to find the perfect representation of one’s taste in tabletop.

The collections offer perfect stand-alone ranges, but can also be layered with other collections, enabling new looks for every meal from colorful brunch to the most sophisticated evening look.

“Like a wardrobe staple, the ‘little black dress’ new excitement is created at the table by changing just a plate or cup. The table is a reflection of who you are. Dress it tastefully as you would yourself – and create an environment that invites you to dine! “

Marie’s last tip was – “Do not be afraid to experiment! The soup tureen can be used to hold flowers, foliage can be spread on the table rather than stuck in a vase, and your charger, dinner plate and side plate do not have to match for a chic look!”

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