How to relieve your children from exam pressure

In the news this week figures revealed that children as young as six years old are suffering from stress and mental health issues related to exam and school pressure. So how can we best help and support our children through these tough times at school? Here are our tips:
Help them make a realistic plan

Your child will probably need your help when it comes to organising a revision plan, especially if they are taking their GCSEs and have a whole host of subjects to juggle. Try and do this as soon as possible, so that your child feels confident in knowing what they’ve got to do when. This will help them feel more in control of their workload and will give them a clear focus.

Help them to refine their plan as they go

If you notice that your child has ground to a halt with their revision, try to figure out what the problem is: are they stuck on something or do they just need a break? Sometimes the sheer volume of work will demotivate any student, so it may help to refine their revision plan further. Find out what the essentials are that need to be learnt and help your child build their knowledge up from there, they are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Provide all-round support

During the revision and exam period let everyone in your household know that a member of your family will be under a lot of exam pressure and that allowances should be made for this. It’s important (for everyone!) that things remain as calm and as normal as possible. Try to stick to regular mealtimes and encourage your child to break for dinner as normal, it’s important for them to have a change of scene and to blow off some steam with their family.

Listen, talk and ask some questions

Some students find it beneficial to have someone to bounce facts/quotes/science equations off, the list is endless. Talking through a topic and then verbally testing your child can help them retain the material they’ve been revising in addition to their note taking. They will also feel more confident and supported to revise with someone who is invested in how they are doing.

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