How to Save Money on High-End Designer Furniture

High-end designer furniture is always a worthwhile investment. Great design is timeless and a beautifully crafted piece of furniture will last a lifetime (and beyond). But if you’re on the look out for such an item it’s usually difficult to find the perfect pieces on a limited budget. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that will bring your dream furniture within reach. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to save money on high-end designer furniture.

Head to the Auction House

For second-hand furniture that has been vetted and quality checked, head to your local auction house. Here you’ll find a huge selection of one-off pieces, all of which have been authenticated by an expert. You can even view the furniture in person before the auction begins to get a good idea of its condition.

Once the auction gets going it can be really exciting but try not to get carried away. Set a budget and stick to it, even if that means missing out. Remember, the hammer price won’t be the final amount you pay. Auction houses charge all buyers a fee. This is usually a percentage of the final hammer price. For example, if you win a lot at £1,500 and the auction house charge a buyer’s premium of 20%, you’ll actually pay £1,800 for the item. Make yourself aware of any fees before bidding, so you don’t end up with any unpleasant surprises.

Check out the Outlets

If you know exactly what you want, a designer outlet may be a good way to score furniture at a heavily discounted rate. There are a handful of designer outlets in the UK, but you’ll need to visit them in person to see everything they sell.

Outlets generally sell discontinued, returned or overproduced items. Some may sell pieces that were used as display or have manufacturing flaws. It’s a great way to source affordable designer furniture but you may need to travel some distance to find exactly what you want. If you’re after something completely unique, outlets may not be right for you as they don’t often sell one-off pieces.

Use Dedicated Online Platforms (Almost Essential’s Recommendation)

If the thought of paying a premium doesn’t appeal to you, and you’re worried about forgeries on eBay and other pre-loved sites, we think you’ll like this option. Using an online platform dedicated solely to reselling designer furniture takes away much of the stress, worry and cost of buying designer furniture.

We’re totally biased of course, but we think is one of the best. LOT is run by professional interior designers and offers a carefully curated selection of designer furniture. Every single piece is assessed by an expert for quality, authenticity and value (so you’ll never pay more than it’s worth). And you can even choose to have a piece reupholstered in the fabric of your choice before it’s shipped to you. It’s a totally safe and completely hassle-free way to find the furniture you want.

We hope these tips have inspired you to go out and find your dream piece. Designer furniture is truly more accessible than many people realise, and there are great bargains to be found if you put in the work. If you’re at all worried about authenticity and quality, use a trusted online platform like LOT where all pieces are vetted before sale and there are no hidden fees. Hassle free shopping at it’s best!