Space Organiser ISI Style, Rejuvenates A Pilates Studio Space.

ISI FRAYSSE, Our recommended Space Organiser says:
Connecting with the delightful Holly was effortless, joyful and easy in everyway. Holly wanted to review the workings of certain areas of her beautiful Pilates studio in Battersea. The building is set in a private courtyard off the main road. Walking up the spiral staircase doesn’t prepare you when you land in a spectacular glass conservatory with dazzling natural light and head spinning 360 degrees views over London. I was on top of the world!

Holly and I went over her vision for the space, the brief focused on how best to create a personal desk work area for her, within the challenges of an open plan space. We also viewed where clients would interact on arrival and where to create a break out area for her Pilates teachers within the studio.

My assessment visits are key to my work, as I listen inwardly and outwardly to every word. I take readings with my compass to assess the cardinal points which show me how the elements affect the space, which in turn helps me to go deeper and read into the seen and the unseen of a space.

I have a questionnaire to navigate through the ideal vision for clients. Drawing on someone’s passions and inspirations are key to my work for space organising. This moment is playful and fun. Fully energised by the assessment I tend to want to get back to my desk and compile a digest of all the feedback notes. During this time the energy is very strong for me and usually my vision for the space quite clear. I then embark on a creative visual presentation drawn from all this vitalising information and photos of the space. Depending on the briefs, I apply various tools to present ideas on how best to re-arrange and organise a space, starting with de-cluttering. I compile a complete shopping guide of items; all the links and stores they could be found in. The list is adapted to be budget conscious and friendly.
Finally, I returned to discuss with Holly her options to create better harmony in her space with my ISI Style input. Armed with her visual document and a complete shopping guide of items suggested to create her ideal workspace, Holly amazed me by implicating the changes within barely a week! She since asked me to visit her home. Thank you Michelle for connecting us, it was an inspiring encounter.

HOLLY MURRAY, the Client says:
Isi was a delight to work with. Kind, caring and deeply thoughtful about the task in hand. I have a tricky work environment and realised that concentration and productivity was being curtailed. Isi stepped in, spent several hours observing the space and listening to my needs. A few days later she presented a ‘new’ design for my office layout. It was
Harmonious , clean and curated. She provided every detail for me to follow. The result – night and day! The profitability of my studio has gone up, clients and teachers feel more cared for.
Thanks to Isi we have a loving, friendly, creative and productive office space that suits pi. I cannot recommend the process enough, isi has a wonderful eye, a good listener and a Mary Popins bag of tricks to cost effectively and simply change the energy of your space.

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