Julia Campbell on the photographer, Andrea Hamilton

We’d like to thank art advisor Julia Campbell Carter, who has shared with us this profile of the fine-art photographer Andrea Hamilton. For those who are looking to acquire art, Julia has a proven track record as an art consultant, acquiring pieces which increase in value and has a particular interest in new and emerging artists. Today she shares with us the background to one of her favourite fine-art photographer.

Andrea Hamilton (born in 1968) is a fine-art photographer and writer known for her monumental lightboxes of natural phenomena like icebergs, her large scale seascapes and for her candid portraits of London’s creative personalities. Her work questions subjects as varied as climate change, identity or place as they relate to other creative disciplines and frequently examines the durational capacity of photography which implies the contingency of both past and future as related in Roland Barthes’ notion of time.

Time and water

Hamilton detains the landscape in a sort of infinite present that transforms the image into a haiku poem, as it occurs in her Water Works series Tidal Resonance , shown at Delahunty in 2014, Since 2000, Hamilton has been making a series of photographs known as Time and Water which is a meditation on time examined through repetition and constancy of black and white images of the still ocean from the same location in the Atlantic. Hamilton has also returned to Iceland several times for an ongoing project called Luminous Icescapes . Some of her lightboxes have been made up to three metres in length.

Return to Blue Lagoon

Hamilton has been commissioned by interior design teams and architects to create bespoke artwork for world class homes, hotels and other architectural spaces that resonate with the mood and design desired. Currently, she is working on three yacht installations and a chalet. She has worked with Martin Brudnizki Design, Collett Zarzicki, Rabih Hage and Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam in bespoke interiors projects.

It is great fun and very interesting working with Julia; She has introduced me to incredible artists, which has given me a new zest of life and put me back into art collecting mood. Using her expertise, experience and knowledge she will locate, negotiate and purchase art on your behalf and meet your requirements of taste, image and budget. If you like to contact her about art consultancy services, please do so via her profile on Almost Essential.