Almost Essential Christmas Gifts Selection

“We are a leading personal gifting concierge based in the heart of London. Our business has been built on years of trust and experience around the best of the best independent luxury brands have to offer to a select few. At Almost Essential, our job is to take the driver’s seat, guided by your desires and demands, in finding you the best in services, gifting, and products that will make your life and the lives of those you love easier. We are easily approachable and work in flexible ways with our clients and partners. ” Michelle de Biolley

That thrilling time has finally arrived!

The Almost Essential luxury Christmas gift guide is designed to help you find a truly special gift for everyone in your life. At this time of year, with so many people to buy for and the desire to make every gift you give truly meaningful and memorable, it’s common for us all to experience “mind-block” at some point over the festive period. Christmas shopping can quickly become frustrating, but alas the Almost Essential luxury Christmas gift guide is here to provide you with all the inspiration and solutions you need.

Over the next weeks, we’re going to release our recommendations for the best luxury presents to buy. This week we’re looking at Jewellery, Wreaths and Candles. So warm up that cup of cocoa and have a browse through our first selections.

Where to Shop for all our Festive Recommendations

From personalised jewellery to elegant candles, art, fashion, and natural health and beauty products. You’ll be able to shop for all our recommendation and browse through lots more gift ideas on our Christmas Online Pop-up. You will enjoy discovering our selection of amazingly talented designers; Some I have had the pleasure of recommending for years and some exciting new ones. You just need to log in or register with Almost Essential to access my curated selection.

Christmas Wreaths & Table Decorations

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive wreath or table placement. Perfect to order for   yourself or as a gesture to a friend, Samantha Davis can create the most enchanting flower decorations for your home or transform your home into a chosen theme, from an enchanted garden, to a tropical island.

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Candle Votives

The sheer beauty of these fluorescent perspex Candle Votives, will not be realised until you light one in your home. Designed and handcrafted in the UK by a skilled acrylic perspex maker, the faceted sides make these Candle Votives sparkle and shine in every direction thanks to the fluorescent perspex design. The candles come in 5 different colours; yellow, green, blue, orange and red.

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Victoria Cator Candles


A table top flame that wafts a heady scents of citrus-peel and  pine fir. The quality of the wax is so amazing that the fragrance diffuses in your room even when the wicks are not lit. Victoria Cator Candles range are sexy and reminiscent of memories, giving you the “madeleine of Proust” experience. Only available in the large 4 wicks size; at least you know it will last the Christmas season.

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Charmian Scented Candles



A winter Scented candle, with warming tones of amber and orange. I love the aromatherapy candles designed by Charmian. They smell delicious, they are beautifully packaged and make the perfect present. This Amber Stripped candle imbues your house with the traditional aroma’s of Christmas.

Shop for Charmain Scented Candles now!


Augustine Jewels

The luxury British jewellery designer, as a range of elegant ready to wear collections inspired by different global destinations, where the colours, symbols and history have informed these jewellery designs. You might even be lucky enough to find a piece that evokes the memories that you and a loved one share in a special destination.

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Personalized Jewellery by Sibylle de Baynast

True luxury is about individuality and personalisation, and talented French jeweller Sibylle de Baynast conveys it wonderfully in her collection.

The signature pieces are soft matt handmade and engraved pendants. Engraving by hand is an ancient skill, unchanged for centuries, adding that true sense of uniqueness. Diamonds and precious gemstones add a touch of elegance, to this very special gift.

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Boho Chic Jewellery by Clarissa Bronfman

For the boho style inclined friend, mother, daughter or family member. The beautiful charms of designer Clarissa Bronfman put together in a chic necklace, maybe just the perfect gift. All her charms are one of a kind pieces, promoting peace, protection, love and tolerance to the wearer.

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Timeless Jewellery by Mimi Baldwin

Something truly special should always be enduring, this is what designer Mimi Baldwin aims for. Having made her name at Tiffany and Co., it’s also where her love of gemstones began. The ethos of her work is to create timeless pieces, that transcends fickle trends and focuses on achieving elegance that lasts a lifetime.

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Maha Loza Jewellery

Lebanese born, Jewellery designer Maha Lozi, works with diamonds, high-quality zircon and semi-precious stones as well as sterling silver and 14/18k gold which makes her handmade pieces affordable, but in no way compromises the extraordinary effort and craftsmanship that goes into creating her jewellery.

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Cufflinks For Him


Augustine Jewellery has produced an extensive line of classic cufflinks and shirt studs in gold or silver with all sorts of semi-precious stones to choose from. The perfect gift for your son, husband, godson…

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Every Jewellery Item Needs A Home



Perhaps you know someone who truly loves their jewellery, but you’re not sure whether you know their tastes or are adding something to their collection, which they might not appreciate. Well, consider this, every jewellery item needs a home and with this beautiful wooden jewellery box by designer Deanne Steinberg is the perfect gift. It can be made in Dark Oak, Ebony or Walnut.

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Looking for more help?

Did you know that I offer a curated gift service? Christmas gifts hunting is the perfect time to take advantage of my new service. I created Michelle’s Inner Circle to provide a personalised service when you want to give memorable and truly special gifts or when you have many gifts to find like at Christmas time. 

A spontaneous gift request for a specific person or occasion is, of course, an option too.

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