Personalised Corporate Gifting: London’s Essential Services

When it comes to giving corporate gifts, the underlying reasons remain the same. Your gift acts as a small investment in the recipient to demonstrate how much you value them which not only strengthens and cements relationships but could lead to major benefits throughout the year by you making the intimate connection between your business and those who ensure its continuing success.  

With so much to choose from when it comes to personalised corporate gifting, we know it’s often difficult to select what will work best to send the right message to the recipient.

Most importantly, think about what makes your relationship with the recipient special. Choosing gifts that are more personal to the recipient, to your work and your brand will make your gift that much more significant and memorable.  

Consider choosing something useful that at the same time reminds them of your business relationship. (Rather than having your thoughtful gift put ‘somewhere safe’ never to see the light of day.) 

The way you package your gift can also convey how much you care. The addition of something personalised, like a handwritten note, can make a big impact. 

Personalised Corporate Gifting Ideas

Coloured Glass Bowls

Hand-made by a family-run glass factory in England, these gorgeous and unique coloured glass bowls are something you won’t see anywhere else. Available in Aqua Blue, Emerald Green and Rose Pink, there are two sizes to choose from, 13 and 19cm diameter, which can suit a variety of applications for the recipient. 

With the option to have them etched, these bowls gifted separately or as a customised set would make ideal ‘brand on-display corporate gifts or bespoke award trophies for valued employees. 

Make your gift stand out with an etched personal message for a valued client, boss or business partner who has everything. With a little imagination, such as filling a bowl with a few favourite treats, the possibilities to create an even more thoughtful and tailormade gift are endless. 

Notepad – Tiger

A classic accessory for any busy or inspired person to keep track of things to do, this witty notepad is the creation of Dutch designer Nathalie Vandraager, who is bringing back the traditional craft of bookbinding in her line of elegant and high-quality desk objects. It is this handcrafted combination of luxury hardcover lizard embossed card with gold embossing, housing 180 sheets of 85grm handmade ivory paper that sets Nathalie’s products apart from the rest. This is by no means just your average notepad!

Dimensions:  Closed – 15cm X 10cm.  Open – 32cm X 10cm. Height 2.5cm  Enquire about our special orders for personalised corporate gifting by emailing us for more information.

Silver Plated Ice Cream Tub Cover

This is one of those truly unique gifts that just keeps on giving. With this lovely novelty ice-cream tub cover that will fit any standard sized round ice-cream tubs like Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry, the recipient can now serve ice cream at the dinner table with confidence. Suddenly the most casual dessert is elevated to something to talk about! And when it’s too cold for ice cream, the tub can double as a trendy vintage style vase for a small flower arrangement. 

Size: 12cm high with 11cm diameter at the top of the tub. This item can be personalised with initials, or a name should you want to go that extra mile.

Vintage Wine Calendar 

This is a rather clever and original gift for any serious wine lover. Made from polished pewter by traditional craftsmen in Sheffield and presented in a signature box, this 13cm vintage wine calendar shows, at-a-glance, when a bottle of wine should be kept, is perfect to drink or has possibly surpassed its prime.  

Crystal Champagne Cooler

Measuring 19cm in height and 19.5cm in diameter at its widest part, this stunning champagne cooler, crafted from the finest lead crystal, is the perfect size to keep a bottle of champagne on ice. In the same collection, there is also a crystal ice bucket that measures 15cm in height. These crystal items can all be etched with initials, names or personal messages should you wish to make your gift more meaningful. 

Should you have a little more in your personalised corporate gifting budget, you could make your selection from the ice buckets or champagne coolers. These are finished with a hallmarked sterling silver foot that can be engraved.

All this stunning crystal ware is supplied beautifully wrapped in a signature gift box. 

Coloured Silver Plated Capri Tumbler   

Sold as a minimum order of two in your choice of colours, these delightful silver-plated tumbler glasses hand-crafted by highly skilled silversmiths in a workshop in Italy are a sophisticated blend of innovative design amalgamating the rigour of silver with the freshness and hammered grit of coloured enamels in unparalleled Italian workmanship. 

With six vibrant colours to choose from and standing 10cm high, these tumblers are a hands-down conversation starter whenever they are purposefully used or put out on display. As some colours may need to be specially ordered, we recommend planning at least three weeks in advance when placing your tumbler order. While these tumblers are not customisable, the range of colours is sure to suit a particular brand or personal preference of the recipient. 

Whatever personalised corporate gifting you invest in or however you present your gifts to those you value, remember to stick to the key message of giving thanks and you can’t go wrong. Happy gifting!