Prepare For Summer: Almost Essential’s Health, Beauty & Home Guide For 2019

Long warm days, beach holidays and the great outdoors – yes, summer is certainly something to look forward to. Preparing for summer is, we feel, half the fun, and so we have packed a whole lot of fantastic products, excellent services, and great ideas into our blog this month for you to enjoy.

Why Should We Prepare For Summer?

We all lead busy lives and time seems to be at a premium for most of us.

When we finally get to feel the sand between our toes, we certainly want to feel confident, relaxed and beach ready. If we are simply planning some much needed “me time” over the summer period then I’m sure we want to emerge rested, pampered and vibrant.

Beauty and Make-Up

Now is the ideal time to get your skin ready for the summer and the party season.

Your skin care routine is going to change shortly, from trying to keep winter skin hydrated, to keeping summer skin soft and glowing. Perhaps you want to test out a fresh new make-up look, or experiment with the trending shades this season? Could your skin do with some gentle exfoliating treatments or a peel?

One of my favourite products, and an essential addition to your summer skincare regime is Colour Shield by All Even. This multitasking product evens out the skin by hiding imperfections and offering a flawless finish, as well as providing sun protection and a gorgeous glow.

Take a look through our tried and trusted beauty therapists – from make-up artists to facial fitness professionals. I can personally recommend each one of them and I know you will come away refreshed, invigorated and glowing.


As the days get warmer, we are all incredibly excited to turn our faces to the sun and shed those winter layers. With fewer clothes to hide beneath, it’s time to call in the fitness gurus to help us get our summer bodies in tip-top shape.

Starting from the inside out, a detox is a wonderful way to get your body ready for a fitness routine, and great for your overall wellness.

In fact, the term “wellness” is being used more and more, and with good reason. Wellness is not simply not being ill, but it includes your overall health – physical, mental and emotional – as well as your energy and vitality. Have you considered holistic health coaching as a way to vibrant health?

Of course, toned legs and a flat tummy don’t happen by themselves. Many people (including myself) find that, while we may enjoy attending a Pilates or yoga class, it’s often useful to have a personal fitness trainer to motivate us in the privacy of our own home. And especially so at the end of a long, cold winter when we may not be feeling very inspired to start an exercise regime. Whatever your preference is, be it one-on-one training, small, private Pilates classes or personal outdoor exercise, I have a group of trusted fitness pros who are all a pleasure to work with and get excellent results.

Thankfully, great results don’t always require a lot of hard work, which I discovered after my wonderful introduction to the Remodelage technique of Martine de Richeville. Remodelage is a slimming and reshaping system using a precise massage technique which has been developed over the years to tone, shape and lift the face and body.

Home Maintenance

I’m sure that you don’t want to spend a minute of your summer with a to-do list, although warmer weather does lend itself to getting those jobs done that can’t be done during a wet or snowy winter.

That’s when you call in one of our competent and reliable home specialists. Our multi-skilled partners are ready and willing to get on with those essential but time-consuming jobs that need to be done from painting, decorating and building to design and décor.

Calling in the professionals allows for speedy completion and gives you the time and the beautiful space you need to host your summer parties.

Speaking of which, summer is synonymous with flowers, and there’s no doubt that we all love the sight and smell of beautiful floral arrangements at home or at parties. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, please browse through our talented florists who can assist you with everything from home and party floral décor to sending an arrangement for special occasions.

Making Your Life Easier

Yes, we all lead busy lives, but it doesn’t mean that we must live in a state of perpetual stress.

Did you know that as a Lifestyle Consultant, my job is to make your life easier? This is the very reason why I have curated the best service providers in the business so that people like you – who have more responsibilities than time – can hand over some of these daily challenges to me.

Let’s collaborate to make this summer the most relaxing, stress-free and pleasurable one yet. Give me a call and I’ll help you prepare for summer; from booking a deep tissue massage to arranging your fitness schedule, organising your next social event to finding the perfect hostess gift.

Prepare for summer with Almost Essential – you’ll be glad you did.